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As a booklover, a signed book by an author I love is a perfect thing to me. That being said it can be hard when living in Europe to get signed books. One, authors don’t come here very often or when they do it’s somewhere else in Europe. Or it’s too expensive to have a book shipped here. In the last year I have managed to get a nice collection of signed books.

Today’s post is to show my most recent signed books. A couple of friends and I are major fansĀ  of Rebecca Yarros (even though I still have to read a few books, haha). She is so sweet and writes amazing books. Rebecca has a big family and a husband in the military, so we don’t expect a signing in Europe anytime soon. So we had the brilliant idea of buying the books from her and having her sign them. If we bought them together, we could share the shipping costs.

That’s when the hard part started. What books did I want her to sign? I couldn’t choose too many, because that would be too expensive. In the end I picked three books. My favorite part is seeing if the authors write something other than my name and signature. And seeing how my mother spelled my name different than most, it’s always nice to see my name spelled right.


The first one I had signed is Wilder. Wilder is the first book in The Renegades trilogy. If you love wild bad boys, this one is for you. Rebecca once again managed to write an epic romance. I loved Wilder. Another thing I love about her books is that it’s not just a romance. She adds so much to the stories she writes. There is a lot of emotion. Wilder was yet again a book that had me crying, haha. I read the first two books in this trilogy. The last one is on my TBR.


Full Measures is the first book in Rebecca’s Flight & Glory series. This book is nothing compared to Wilder when it comes to emotions. I was reading the prologue and was already in tears, haha. Full Measures is such an emotional rollercoaster, but so beautiful at the same time. You fall in love with the characters and just want them to be happy.


After falling in love with Full Measures, I still haven’t read the next book in this series. Eyes Turned Skyward is that book. For some reason I’m not emotionally ready, haha. Friends have told me these books get really emotional. That’s nothing new, but I really want to finish these books. Now that I have this book physically, maybe I’ll get to reading it faster.

Besides the messages in the books, Rebecca also sent us some bookswag. None of us were expecting this, but we got three bookmarks (one is signed), two pins and a tote bag. I love it all!! This author is really amazing. I mean, raising a big family, running the household and still able to publish books. That’s not something I could imagine myself doing.


Even if I never get to personally meet this author, I have some memories anyways. I’m so happy we decided to order the books together! Supporting authors I love is something I’m happy to do when possible. Having these books signed means I can check this author off on my wishlist. What is the author you want to meet the most? I would love to hear from you!


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