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Last week I saw this tag over at Melissa’s blog and I immediately knew I wanted to do is tag too. It looked fun but also o so hard! I love Would You Rather tags in general, and since I adore all things Sarah J Maas this is perfect. Lets quickly take a look at my answers.

Would You Rather…

…be a part of Rhysand’s Inner Circle or a part of Aelin’s Court?

Right of the bat we’ve got this very hard choice! Even though I would very much love to be part of Rhysand’s Inner Circle, my heart is with the Throne of Glass series and Aelin’s Court. Andddd I realized I wrote down the almost exact same thing as Melissa haha, but it’s simply true. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to be friends with all those great characters.

…live in Prythian as a human (before ACOTAR) or in Adarlan as aย Fae (before ToG)?

EASY!! As a Fae in Adarlan, to have magic (even if I can’t use it) would be amazing. And since I’m part of Aelin’s court I’ll make sure we get magic back haha. No but honestly, living in Prythian as a human sounds like the worst place to live, I’d much rather try and live under the radar in Adarlan.

…be engulfed in Citrus & Jasmine or in Pine & Snow?

Another easy one, I’ve never been a big fan of Rowan (I’ve loved Dorian from the beginning) so no thanks on the pine and snow. I do think Rowan is great for Aelin, but I’ve never been into him. Rhys however… I would love to be engulfed in citrus and jasmine. I really enjoyed the parts with Rhys in the first ACOTAR book and that love has only grown in the second and third book. And apart from all that, I like citrus and jasmine more in general haha.

ACOTAR kleintjes bovenkant


…be imprisoned Under the Mountain (forever) or enslaved in Endovier (forever)?

I have to go with Melissa’s answer on this one, there is absolutely no way I would last in Endovier, I’d be dead in no time. However I do think I might be able to survive Under the Mountain, and if I played my cards right, I think it would actually be okay for me down there ๐Ÿ˜‰


…fight Ianthe or fight Kaltain?

Fight Ianthe for sure! I really hate her guts and wouldn’t mind taking her on. Also, I have a feeling I’ll have a better chance against her compared to Kaltain. And Kaltain actually commanded my respect in Empire of Storms, I didn’t see it coming but I enjoyed her development and really liked her story-arc. So there’s no way I would want to fight Kaltain, and there’s no way I’d be able to take her haha.


…control the Cauldron or control the Wyrdkeys?

I would go with the wyrdkeys I think. Although the power of both kinda scares me. However, if I split the keys I might be okay power-hungry wise? And might still be the one in control, instead of being controlled ๐Ÿ˜‰

…celebrate Starfall or celebrate Yulemas?

I feel like I’m just copying Melissa’s answers haha, but yes definitely Starfall. I feel like it would be the most magical thing to experience ever and I love all the fan art of it. It also made a lot more of an impression on me that Yulemas did.

…have a baby bat or a baby hawk?

Haha, well like I said, I’m not really one for Rowan so no baby hawk for me. A baby bat however I would welcome for sure. I’m super excited to read about Feyre and Rhys’ baby in the upcoming novella <3

These were my answers for today! I hope you enjoyed them and let me know in the comments if you’d rather control the cauldron or the wyrdkeys!

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