Bookish Item | Books to read before 2018

I think every avid reader will agree with me when I say we can all agree with “so many books, so little time”. My TBR has really grown this year and I think it’s going to get even bigger by the end of this year. There are so many interesting books that I really want to read. This leads to me reading four or five books all at once (which makes it seem like forever before I can check off a book on Goodreads) and still having a pile staring at me screaming at me to read them. I have even lost count of how many series I have started reading this year (okay, I actually made a list of those in my bulletjournal, but that’s for another article, haha). This had me thinking, what books do I really need to read before this year ends? By the time this comes online it will be the end of September. That gives me three months to finish the books mentioned in this article. I can’t guarentee that I will read all of them, but I will try. Choosing books always depends on my mood, so we shall see. Now it’s time for what this article is really about: the twelve books I really want to read before 2018 (in no particular order)!

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