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I think every avid reader will agree with me when I say we can all agree with “so many books, so little time”. My TBR has really grown this year and I think it’s going to get even bigger by the end of this year. There are so many interesting books that I really want to read. This leads to me reading four or five books all at once (which makes it seem like forever before I can check off a book on Goodreads) and still having a pile staring at me screaming at me to read them. I have even lost count of how many series I have started reading this year (okay, I actually made a list of those in my bulletjournal, but that’s for another article, haha). This had me thinking, what books do I really need to read before this year ends? By the time this comes online it will be the end of September. That gives me three months to finish the books mentioned in this article. I can’t guarentee that I will read all of them, but I will try. Choosing books always depends on my mood, so we shall see. Now it’s time for what this article is really about: the twelve books I really want to read before 2018 (in no particular order)!

Lord of Shadows


I LOVE the Shadowhunter world so this is definitely on my list. The size of this book is a bit intimidating, but that will never stop me, haha. Before this book was released I really wanted to reread Lady Midnight. I even started reading it again, but other books kept getting in my way. I still hope that I am able to reread Lady Midnight before I start this one. It was recently announced that The Queen of Air and Darkness is being released next year instead of the year after. This makes reading Lord of Shadows before 2018 even more important!

Glass Sword


I read Red Queen last year and was intrigued by this world. My boyfriend gave me Glass Sword and King’s Cage for my birthday this year, so there is no excuse of why I haven’t read these yet. Two bookbuddies (Isabelle & Willemijn) of mine are waiting for me to read this so we can read King’s Cage together. I have to say I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book, so I can’t wait to read it myself.

If There’s No Tomorrow


This book just came out this month, so it hasn’t been on my TBR that long, but I have heard so many good things about this book. One of my favorite authors has a blurb on the cover and her series A Court of Thorns and Roses is mentioned in this book. Which makes this book an automatic must read! I can guarentee that this book will be checked off of this list before the end of the year, because I will be meeting Jennifer in October!! I can’t wait.

They Both Die at the End


Adam Silvera has recently become an autobuy author. At the beginning of this year I read More Happy Than Not and was really impressed. Last month I read History is All You Left Me and that book had me in tears a few times. He has a way with words and writes beautiful stories that don’t have the happily ever after a lot of books do. I think the title of this one already says enough about how this one will end.

One Dark Throne


Isabelle was really excited about Three Dark Crowns. She convinced me to but it during our bookbuddy meeting in January. I loved the concept of this world and the writer really keeps you on the edge of your seat. So I am really excited about how everything will turn out. I’m still not sure how the author plans on developing this storyline in four books, but I am curious to see how it turns out. Isabelle and I are going to buddyread this one together, so keep an eye on the blog for our review in the near future.



Besides having a beautiful cover, the world Jay Kristoff created seems very interesting. I have heard nothing but good reviews about this book. A couple of months ago I started reading this book, but just wasn’t in the right mood at that moment. It’s been on my mind a lot this year and I keep seeing it pop up everywhere. I bought Godsgrave as well, because I have a feeling I am going to want to continue right away once I dive into this world.

The Heart of Betrayal


The Kiss of Deception was such an amazing book and I honestly did not predict who the prince was or who the assassin was. I love this world and story. I read the first book last year, so I may need to reread it before I pick up The Heart of Betrayal. This is a book in the buddyread TBR jar that Isabelle and I have, so I will have to talk her into reading this soon, haha.

A Gathering of Shadows


I read A Darker Shade of Magic a couple of months ago and read it in less than two days. I can’t remember what book stopped me from picking up this one right away, but something did. Friends have said this one ends in a cliffhanger, so I need to make sure there are no new book releases I really want to read before I start this one.



I know a friend of mine is going to love that I have this book on my list (Melissa, you know I mean you, haha). She loves this book and has been trying to get us all to read the series. I got this for Christmas last year, so I think it’s time I read it. I love books about angels, so I had to add them to my collection.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters


The first two books of this trilogy were amazing! They are the kind of books you really have to concentrate on while reading. It’s not a light and fluffy story. Laini Taylor has created such an amazing world; it keeps you wanting more. After reading the first two books I needed a lighter book, so Dreams of Gods and Monsters hasn’t been read yet. It’s a series Isabelle and I were reading together. I think we need to read this one soon though, otherwise I will need to reread the first two to remember everything.

And I Darken


This is, once again, a book I have heard a lot about. I have a feeling it’s a book you either really love or don’t like at all. Many people have said that it takes awhile for this book to get going and that the second book is even better, so I will have to wait and see. I have had this book in my hands a few times to start reading, but ended up with something else instead.

My Lady Jane


My Lady Jane is another book on this list I need Isabelle to read as well before I get started. This has been on our buddyread list for ages, haha. I have heard so many good things about it and love the chapter heading in the book. My Lady Jane seems like a perfect winter read. I love the fact that this isn’t a standalone!

There they are; the 12 books I want to read before 2018! This is a long post, but I hope you enjoyed it and that you see some books that interest you. What books do you want to read before 2018? I would love to hear what other people have on their TBR!

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11 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Books to read before 2018


    AND I LOVE THE BOOKS ON YOUR LIST!!!! A LOTTTTT of them are favorites of mine, so you’re making me extremely happy right now hahahaa.

    But Lord of Shadows is Ffffing amazing as well; Clare at her best!
    And Dreams of Gods and Monsters.. my god <3 I'm very excited to hear what you'll think of it! Ooo0 and the heart of betrayal!! shjbghjdbfghjbdfg so goooood <3 And If there's no Tomorrow is really beautiful as well!!

    I'm very curious about my lady jane, I hope you'll write a review about that one in particular, so I can decide then if I want to buy it or not πŸ™‚

    1. I thought a lot of the books would get your attention, haha. Half of them are buddyreads with Isabelle, so I have to make her read them soon as well! I definitely plan on reviewing My Lady Jane!

    1. Lol, thanks for the follow <3!
      Thanks, there are some really interesting books on my list and I really hope I can get to all of them. TBDATE is actually on top of my list after I finish If There's No Tomorrow. I will let you know what I think of them.

  2. I was really surpriced I liked Angelfall so much. That book kind of sneeked up on me and just gave me a kick in the stomach and I canΒ΄t wait to read the last part in the series! πŸ˜€

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