Netgalley Next #14

One of our reading goals is working on our Netgalley feedback ratio. Eventually we want to get it to 80%. And to help motivate us we decided to do this new post every week. We pick three of our eARCs and based on the first line, paragraph, or page we decide which one we’ll read next. Let’s take a look at today’s picks for this week’s Netgalley Next!

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Edelweiss Next #1

So we just recently started doing weekly Netgalley Next posts and I decided to do this for another platform as well. Besides Netgalley I also use Edelweiss for e-arcs. This website doesn’t have a feedback ratio, but I still think it’s important to make sure to keep updated with these e-arcs as well.

So just like we do with Netgalley Next, I’m going to talk about 3 Edelweiss e-arcs I’m really wanting to read, read the first line/paragraph, and choose which one grabs me the most! Let’s take a look!

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