Review | Deadly Little Scandals – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

One of my favorite reads of last year was Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Jennifer is one of my favorite and most read YA authors so as pretty soon after the sequel was released I picked it up. I love YA mysteries and I had high hopes for this one. So let’s see if it lived up to my expectations! Continue reading “Review | Deadly Little Scandals – Jennifer Lynn Barnes”

Review | #Murderfunding – Gretchen McNeil

After reading #Murdertrending, I was really curious how the story would continue in #Murderfunding. I bought the books at the same time, so I picked up the sequel a few days later. #Murderfunding is a sequel and a companion novel. What did I think of this book? Keep reading to find out!

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Review| #Murdertrending – Gretchen McNeil

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that I’m also a moderator in the Facebook group, TBR and Beyond. Each month we do group reads and this month we are discussing #Murdertrending. I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone with books and this one is definitely out there. I have been really curious about it though, so I gave it a try. Today I want to tell you about what I thought about this book!

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