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I finally got back to reading my unread Karin Slaughter books lately and while doing so I found out there is a tv show based on the Will Trent books! Of course I had to go and watch that right away. And today I want to share my first thoughts about the show with you all. So let’s jump in!

Special Agent Will Trent was abandoned at birth and endured a harsh coming-of-age in Atlanta’s overwhelmed foster care system. Determined to make sure no one feels as he did, he now has the highest clearance rate.

There are currently 3 episodes out for us to enjoy.┬áThe show starts off with the case from the second book in the Will Trent series, Fractured. We skipped the first book and the second case that is handled doesn’t seem to be from any book I remember, but I could be mistaken.

That first case I mention doesn’t take up all season and is actually handled pretty quickly for a tv show like this. It was enjoyable to have it solved quickly and not see it drawn out so much. I liked the way it was done and I’m looking forward to more cases. This seems like one of the least brutal cases Karin Slaughter has written about and I wonder if we will see other cases from the books or if those are too much for this tv show.

I adore the books and I do like the tv show but this is what I would call a loose interpretation. We do have a Will Trent, an Angie Polaski, a Michael Ormewood, but they are very different from the books. The basic description is the same, but there is where the comparison stops in my opinion. Will and Angie’s relationship is very different from the books, something that bothers me only if they don’t introduce Sara at some point. Although I am a bit irritated by everyone loving Angie as I can’t reconcile that with the Angie from the books.

Also Will is behaving differently, he seems much more aware of other people’s feelings and emotions here and that is not the Will Trent I know. I want to see that development he is slowly making over the course of now 10 books. And like I said, I need Sara Linton. For now it doesn’t look like she will be in the show and that would be such a loss!

I am enjoying the show so far and will definitely keep watching but there is a big difference between the show and the books. For me it would be okay if it was just different cases but I would’ve liked it when the characters vibe and personalities were more like in the books. I’ve seen people complain about the looks of the characters and that doesn’t matter to me one bit as I can’t remember what a character looks like for the life of me, but the way they act and their vibe is very important to me. Let’s see how the next episodes will go!

Have you read any Karin Slaughter books? And are you going to watch this new TV Show? I would love to hear your opinion. How do you feel about this Will and Angie? Let me know in the comments!

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