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As I mentioned in my latest Royal Update I have been watching The Summer I Turned Pretty. Of course I had to read the whole series first (you can find my review of the series here). Now that I’ve watched the first season I wanted to share my thoughts! So let’s jump in!

A love triangle between one girl and two brothers. A story about first love, first heartbreak, and the magic of that one perfect summer.

Last week the first season of The Summer I Turned Pretty dropped. We got 7 episodes, about 45 minutes each. The fact that is was 7 episodes really threw me off for some reason haha, ┬áprobably because most shows have 5, 8, 10 or 10+ episodes. And maybe also because the book has less than 300 pages, is that enough story for about 5,5 hours of show? From the trailer it looks like we’re only getting the first book so I was very curious how they would go about it all.

From the first episode I realised they changed a couple of things from the books, mostly that they added some storylines. Most of the characters felt more fleshed out, with more of their own storylines. And that was something I really enjoyed. I thought the book was okay but I didn’t really like Belly and thought a lot of it could’ve used more depth. And I think we did get that in the show! Belly still isn’t my favorite but she was a lot more tolerable in the show than she was in the book.

It might be because I don’t care that much about Belly but after reading the three books and watching the show I can’t really decided whether I’m #teamConrad or #teamJeremiah. There is something to say for both, but there’s also a lot to say against both of them haha. I’m wondering if they’re going to follow the storyline for the second book and if that will impact my feelings on this debate. For now though…..

In the immortal words of Katherine Pierce:

What I do need to say, the trailer gave us a good soundtrack but the whole show has an awesome soundtrack. I enjoyed the songs so much and added a ton of them to my Spotify. They captured the vibe perfectly! Overall I would definitely recommend this show if you want a fun summer show. I laughed, I loved the secondary characters, and I will for sure watch the second season.

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