Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases December 2020

We keep saying this, but this year really is flying by. A lot of amazing books have been published this year and it’s time to see what we’ll be getting the last month of 2020. December is normally a slower month, but we want to talk about the books we’re excited about. So keep on reading for our Anticipated December releases.

The Cousins – Karen M. McManus (December 1st)

I’ve been really enjoying Karen McManus’ books and I’m looking forward to her newest one. Cousins who barely know each other find out some family secrets while working on their grandmothers private island. I’m definitely intrigued!

The Good Girls – Claire Eliza Bartlett (December 1st)

I’m so excited about this one! This might even be one I preorder because I’m on an YA thriller kick. A murdered girl, secrets and good girls who might not be good girls at all. Yes please.

Admission – Julie Buxbaum (December 1st)

I remember reading about this book before there were actual college scandals in the news and I wanted to read it. Admission was supposed to release earlier this year, but was delayed. From reviews I’ve read it’s a fast and interesting read! I can’t wait to find out myself!

The Bitterwine Oath – Hannah West (December 1st)

The Bitterwine Oath is definitely a darker story that’s releasing this month. A cult that kills twelve men every fifty years. I have a feeling I’m not going to want to put this one down. I’m curious to see how it will all play out!

The Ballad of Ami Miles – Kristy Dallas Alley (December 1st)

I don’t read many dystopian stories, but The Ballad of Ami Miles sounds really interesting. Our main characters escapes her compound and I’m curious to see what she discovers outside of the world she knows.

A Universe of Wishes: A We Need Diverse Books Anthology – Dhonielle Clayton (December 8th)

This anthology has stories by so many amazing authors and most excitingly it has a Rhy/Alucard origin story. It will give us the events that lead Alucard to becoming the captain of the Night Spire, and I CAN NOT WAIT!

Layla – Colleen Hoover (December 8th)

I’m familiar with Colleen Hoover’s work, but mostly with the romances that make me cry. I’ve heard Verity is a great book, but Layla sounds really good as well. This romance definitely won’t be what it seems.

Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy: The Fair Lady, The Frost and the Fiend – Mirka Andolfo (December 8th)

This is a horror graphic novel, a goth-inspired Victorian monster series. I honestly don’t even need to know more! It sounds scary as heck, but also very cool.

This is How We Fly – Anna Meriano (December 15th)

A loose Cinderella retelling with a character that plays on a Quidditch team. I didn’t need to know more before deciding this was a book I need to read. It’s almost 500 pages, so there’s going to be plenty to enjoy!

Spell on Wheels vol. 2: Just to Get to You – Kate Leth (December 15th)

I really enjoyed Speel on Wheels volume 1 but wanted more. And now we finally get it. I hope this story will be developed a bit more, I’m very excited to be back in this world!

The Notorious Virtues – Alwyn Hamilton (December 18th)

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this author’s Rebels of the Sands series. I still need to read them, but her next book, The Notorious Virtues sounds amazing as well. There’s a magical competition and that’s all I need to know.

So these are the books we’re looking forward to in December. What books are you looking forward to? Did we miss any interesting releases? Let us know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases December 2020

    1. The Cousins and The Good Girls both sound so good! And yes, I’m super curious how Mercy will be, it sounds super interesting.

  1. You have a great list here! I am all kinds of interested in This is How We Fly. I think that one definitely needs to go on my list. I am reading The Cousins in a few days and I am excited!!

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