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It’s been a while since I’ve seen the second season of The Umbrella Academy but I still wanted to share my thoughts! I watched the first season pretty soon after the release date but it took me awhile to start watching the second season. Once I did start watching though…. Let’s jump in ;).
There will be spoilers for the first season.

A family of former child heroes, now grown apart, must reunite to continue to protect the world.

I really enjoyed the first season of the Umbrella Academy. Most of the characters were amazing and the story was interesting. I was especially interested in the backstory of our main characters but we didn’t get all the answers we wanted in the first season.

The second season picks up the second where the first season left us.  When the world was about the blow up Five jumped everyone to safety through time. And while that kind of worked, there were also some complications.. I don’t want to say to much about those complications for the people who haven’t watched this season yet! What I will say, it seems like the world will blow up once again and our heroes have to try and save the world once more.

I loved the time period our heroes found themselves in and I especially loved how they spend their time there. Klaus’ and surprisingly Allisons stories were my favorites. Allison has a bunch of heartbreaking but also really powerful scenes, I spilled more than a couple of tears over her story.

Diego and Vanya were more likeable this season and I was more invested in their story than I was in the previous season. To be honest, I totally forgot about Diego in between seasons haha. I don’t really have an opinion about Luther, he is just there I guess? But I do love Ben! And I adored him this season even more than in the first season <3.

I loved all the storylines in this season and was very invested in the plot. We got some really cool twists and I didn’t see most of them coming. I loved the ending! And I immediately went online to search for the comics haha. I might still buy them but they were pretty expensive when I looked.  All in all I really enjoyed this season and would highly recommend watching this show. Season 2 was my favorite out of the two and I have high hopes for season 3!

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  1. Wait I didn’t even know there was a season 2 out hahaha. I’ll have to see if Rob will continue watching this with me.

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