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If you spent any time on our blog lately you know Candyce and mostly I have become obsessed with Hamilton lately. I have been listening to the songs over and over and over and over. After watching a Youtube video on the best Hamilton songs I figured I could do a post about that. There are 46 songs in the show so I thought it would be fair to pick my favourite 20. Of course this was hard and it’s all just based on my feeling and mostly on my enjoyment. So these might not be the ‘best’ songs but they are the ones I love the most! Let’s jump in ๐Ÿ˜‰

1.Alexander Hamilton

It all starts with this song! I love singing along and it get’s me in a Hamilton mood.

2. Whatโ€™d I Miss

I adore Daveed Diggs as Jefferson and he stole my heart with this song. Especially with ‘uh, France’. Perfection!

3. Youโ€™ll Be Back

How can you not love this one? I love the lyrics and Jonathan Groff delivered them perfectly.

4. Say No to This

In the words of Jasmine Cephas-Jones: ‘it’s a jam!’. And I love belting it out haha.

5. Satisfied

One of the best songs in the show and very addictive. I think everyone loves this one.

6. Washington on Your Side

Very underrated! I love the dispute between Jefferson and Hamilton and how petty this song is haha.

7. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

This one really grew on me! I started listening to it more and more and realised what a great song this actually is. It’s amazing how so much of the previous songs are incorporated.

8. The Story of Tonight

‘Tomorrow there’ll be more of us’ is one of my favourite lyrics from the whole show. This was one of my instant favourites.

9. Helpless

It’s simply a wonderful song. Phillipa Soo is so talented and I love how enthusiastic and happy she still is here.

10. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

Eliza is a great character and I love listening to her part of the story both here and in the next song. I also love the message of this song.

11. Burn

Again, Eliza and Phillipa Soo are amazing. And every now and then it’s great to singalong with an emotional song like this.

12. Cabinet Battle #1

This one is just plain old fun! That’s all there is to it haha. And it also has some great lyrics.

13. Dear Theodosia

Another emotional one! I love the music of this one, it flows so well.

14. The Room Where It Happens

Some songs you just sing a long and you don’t even know why. I simply like this one haha.

15. Itโ€™s Quiet Uptown

The ending of this song is so emotional! While I don’t like it as much as other people seem to, it’s still an amazing song.

16. One Last Time

Especially the beginning of this song is great and the reason why I like it so much haha. But the rest of the song is great as well.

17. History Has Its Eyes on You

Another underrated song! I love the message and this sentence is stuck in my head a lot.

18.ย Guns and Ships

One of the most impressive songs! It’s not higher because I can’t sing a long haha.

19.ย The Election of 1800

Another underrated song! I love the Hamilton on your side as a nod to Washington on your side.

20. Aaron Burr, Sir

I imagine Lin-Manuel Miranda having fun while writing this song! And it shows haha.

These are my 20 favourite songs of Hamilton! While the order might change is you ask me tomorrow but I’m sure I’d still pick these 20 songs. It’s was pretty hard to scrap some other ones but I loved making this list! What is your favourite Hamilton song?

11 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday | My 20 Favorite Hamilton Songs

  1. Hamilton has so many great songs in it and as you say itโ€™s hard to chose but that Line You Have No Control Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Stella Your Story just hit right in the feels!

    1. Oh wow, yes I love that line so much! And who knows, maybe Stella will tell your story ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Satisfied, Guns and Ships, Burn are some of my top favourites too!! Though I love every single one in the show, and on this list! Ahh the songs are just so GOOD! Love this post! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ’œ

    1. The songs are INCREDIBLE! It was pretty hard to pick just 20 and then compile those into a definite list haha. So so good <3 And thank you!!

    1. Yesss, finally someone else loves Say No To This as much as I do haha!

  3. I’ve only seen/listened to it once (on Disney+), but I definitely get the hype! The music was great! And I agree – Diggs steals the show. I also was really into the political rap battle parts, but to be honest, I don’t even know what song that’s technically in. Oops!
    Paige Schildkamp recently posted…The Stars and the Blackness Between ThemMy Profile

    1. Happy to see another Diggs fan <3 And the political rap battle parts are Cabinet Battle #1 and Cabinet Battle #2. I thought they were so much fun!!

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