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We’ve been saying this every month the past few months, but how is another month already over? It’s the start of September and yesterday we shared our August bookhaul, so now it’s time to tell you what we read last month. What did we read? Are we happy with how much we read? Keep on reading our August wrap up to find out.


I read 20 books in August and there’s one I won’t be talking about, because it was a beta read and not announced to the world yet. So that will be something I talk about later this year. I read 7 paperbacks, 7 ARCs, 3 audiobooks and 2 e-books. This came to a total of 6763 pages and leaves me at 52 books ahead of schedule on my challenge.

I didn’t read everything I had on my TBR or what I wanted read, because the month did change my TBR a few times, but I read some amazing books, so let’s see what those books were!

Well Met – Jen DeLuca

Well Met was the first book we read for the Swoon Along in the TBR and Beyond on Facebook. I’ve been wanting to read this one for awhile and it was an enjoyable read. I loved the Renaissance Faire and everything about it. I did need more of the romance and more of Simon. I’ll be reading the sequel in October!

Slay – Brittney Morris

I’m so glad I picked up Slay! This book was amazing and quite a surprise. It’s truly unique and definitely hits some subjects that have been in the news and things happening in the world at the moment. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this author for more books.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is the first book in this series. I’ve had this box set on my shelves for almost four years!! So it was definitely time to pick this one up. I really enjoyed this story and loved seeing how different it was from the movies. This is a series I’ll be reading more of soon.

Thorn – Intisar Khanani

Thorn is a book that hasn’t had much attention and after reading it I don’t understand why. This is such a good fantasy and definitely unique in its own way. I loved the characters, world and plot. The sequel releases next year and I’ll definitely be reading it.

The Wrath and the Dawn & The Rose and the Dagger – Renee Ahdieh

Yet again, another duology that has been on my shelves for way too long! I really enjoyed these and wished I had read them soon. The world, plot and characters are amazing. I would’ve liked more of the magic to get attention and the ending went a bit quickly, but all in all a fun read! I definitely recommend these.

Jackaby – William Ritter

Historical fiction is a genre I want to read more of and Jackaby was one on my TBR since the beginning of the year. Ellie from A Read to Ramble (who I also read Thorn with) had this book as well and we decided to give it a try. Jackaby was a pleasant surprise. There’s a blurb that says it’s Buffy meets Sherlock Holmes and that’s a good way to describe it!

Four Days of You and Me – Miranda Kenneally

A friend of mine enjoyed this contemporary and it sounded right up my alley! And I was right. Four Days of You and Me was a fun read and I loved jumping back and forth between different times in their story. I really enjoyed this on.

Heroine – Mindy McGinnis

I read my first Mindy McGinnis book earlier this year and it was good! I’ve heard this author is good at hitting hard subjects and that’s definitely the case in Heroine. This book was so intense and didn’t shy away at all from the subject of addiction. I think this Heroine definitely portrays what can happen with pain killers.

The How and the Why – Cynthia Hand

The How and the Why is a book I’ve been wanting to read since I heard about it. I finally decided to give it a go and I’m so happy I did! This book hit me in all the feels!! My review is getting posted this weekend, but I definitely recommend this book!!

A Wicked Magic – Sasha Laurens

Unfortunately, this book just wasn’t for me and became my first DNF of this year. I got to 59%, but was really only invested in one character and she wasn’t even really the main story. I loved the darker atmosphere, but there was too much drama and not enough of the plot I was hoping and waiting for.

That Swoony Feeling – Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn did it again! I loved every minute of this story and really want to move to this small town. This love story was so much fun and I had a huge smile on my face when I finished That Swoony Feeling.

Back to Shore – Taylor Danae Colbert

I’m always amazed by this author, because she can do so many genres and stories. Back to Shore was another amazing story that was really emotional. I loved that we slowly got part of this story by going back to the past. Back to Shore even had me crying, haha. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

The Reality of Everything – Rebecca Yarros

The Reality of Everything was truly a Rebecca Yarros book. I love her writing and I always end up invested in her characters. This was such an intense story and I couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t an ugly cry read like some of her books, but I definitely shed a tear or two. I also loved how this book had mental health play a really big part of the story.

The Beast and the Bethany – Jack Meggitt-Phillips

I’ve been reading some amazing middle grade books and this was another amazing one! I read The Beast and the Bethany in one sitting and was left wanting more. This was such a cute story (even if it was a bit dark) and the lessons in it are done in such a playful way. The illustrations were amazing and I can’t wait to get more.

Miss Apprehended – Miranda Elaine & Amie Knight

Miss Apprehended is a novella written by two authors I really love! It was described as one with insta love, a bit erotic and an alpha male. I had my worries going in, because those aren’t always things I enjoy. It was a fun story and the characters were likable, but it wasn’t completely for me. I definitely see why some readers will love every minute of it though!

The Quiet You Carry – Nikki Barthelmess

The Quiet You Carry is the first book in  a series I needed to read for a blog tour. The second book is almost out. I have to say this isn’t an easy book to read at all, but the author did an amazing job of really making you feel emotions while reading.

Where Dreams Descend – Janella Angeles

I’ve been really curious about Where Dreams Descend, but unfortunately it didn’t meet up to my expectations. I loved the world and the magic. I just felt like I was missing just a bit of the plot and some explanations. I do want to read the sequel though, because I really did enjoy the world it’s set in.

The Henna Wars – Adiba Jaigirdar

Another book I read in almost one sitting and I was shocked, because The Henna Wars is almost 400 pages. I just couldn’t put it down. The characters and plot were really interesting and the love story was cute, but not the main focus of this book. Family plays such a big part of The Henna Wars and I loved that.

Favourite book:
The How and the Why – Cynthia Hand
Least favourite:
A Wicked Magic – Sasha Laurens
 Most surprising: Thorn – Intisar Khanani


This was not my best reading month haha. I’ve only managed to finish 4 books this month. But one of them was a book that will definitely make to one of my top reads of the year lists. So if you take that into consideration it was a pretty good reading month after all! I ended up reading 1184 pages over 3 ebooks and 1 audiobook.

Well Met – Jen DeLuca

Well Met was one of the buddy reads this month in the TBR and Beyond Facebook group and that was the perfect opportunity for me to pick it up. Candyce and I already posted our buddy review and really enjoyed the story. Now we just need to visit a Renaissance Faire ourselves!

The Backstagers vol. 2 – James Tynion IV

I quite liked the first volume in this graphic novel series so I decided to read the second volume on Scribd. It’s still an enjoyable series just not one I necessarily need to own or have on my shelves.

The Inheritance Games – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This was such an incredible read! We got an eARC for the blog tour so you can expect a review soon. I can already tell you this will be on my favorites list this year. JLB once again proved to me she is one of my favorite authors and I want to own all of her books.

I’ll Be Gone In the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer – Michelle McNamara

This was another buddy read in the TBR and Beyond Facebook group. I wanted to read it ever since listening to the Crime Junkie podcast episode about the Golden State Killer. This book was different from what I was expecting but I’m glad I read it!

Favorite book: The Inheritance Games
Least favorite: The Backstagers Vol 2
Most surprising: I’ll Be Gone In the Dark

These were the books we read this month. Have you read any of them? Do you want to pick up any of them? And what was your favorite book this month?

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