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I came across this Stay at Home Book tag. It was created by Princess of Paperback at the start of April. And with COVID-19 cases going up in Europe again I thought this tag was very fitting. So today I’m tackling these questions, let’s jump in!

Laying in Bed – book you could/have read in a day

I love the Witch Hat Atelier manga series and last month I read this one in a day. These are very quick reads and absolutely adore this series so I finished this fourth volume in no time at all. Highly recommend this manga. It’s still being published to it’s pretty easy to catch up at this point.

Snacking – guilty pleasure book

Earlier this year I binge listened to the All For the Game series in a couple of days. I wasn’t expecting to love this series as much as I did. It truly is a guilty pleasure but I’m not ashamed of it haha. These boys wiggled their way into my heart and I would love to see this as a Netflix tv show!

Netflix – series you want to start

Last year I bought the first two books in The Daevabad Trilogy, The City of Brass and The Kingdom of Copper. I was super excited to read these books right away but somehow I never did. And with the last book released just two months ago it really is time to finally jump on this series. Candyce loved these books so much so I’m sure I’ll like them too.

Deep Clean – been on your TBR for ages

His Majesty’s Dragon has been on my physical TBR for a little over 4 years now! I can’t believe I have had this book on my shelves for this long and I still haven’t read it. Uprooted by Naomi Novik is one of my favorite books and I wanted to read more by her. To this day I still haven’t read another book by her, even though I also own Spinning Silver. I think it’s about time I pick up one of those two haha.

Animal Crossing – book u recently bought because of hype

So this book might not have that much hype, but I saw a couple of my bookish friends raving about it so that counts for me haha. This is How You Lose the Time War sounds like it’s right up my alley and it’s one of the few books I bought this year. I’m glad I’m not buying as much, I still hope to at least lower by TBR a little bit this year.

Productivity – book you learnt or had an impact on you

I’m currently reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and I’m learning more about the Golden State Killer. Last year I listening to the Crime Junkie podcast episode about GSK and I followed the news when he was captured. But there is still a lot more to learn! So I’m happy I’ve started listening to this one. It’s also the first non-fiction book I’m reading this year.

Facetime – A book you were gifted

I won a giveaway in the TBR and Beyond facebook group and I could pick one book from Bookdepository. This one has been on my wishlist and it was a perfect choice. Candyce and I buddyread this one last month and I absolutely adored it!! Such a good read and very addictive writing. I can’t wait for the next book by Britney Morris.

Self Care – what is one thing you have done recently to look after yourself

Last weekend after work I put my phone down, had some good food I was craving and watched Netflix for the rest of the weekend. It was so nice to not have to do anything, not have to think about anything and just watch some shows.

BONUS – name a book coming out soon

We posted our anticipated September releases yesterday so there is a whole list of books coming out very soon! One of my most anticipated ones is The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. She is one of my favorite authors and never disappoints me!

This was the Stay at Home Book Tag. I really enjoyed these questions and the prompts fit the times perfectly! What have you done in the name of Self Care lately? Let me know in the comments down below!

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    1. I can imagine!! I might reread the whole series soon, it was such a great experience <3

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