Wishlist Wednesday| Anticipated Releases August 2020

We say this every month, but how are we already looking at August releases?!? This year is flying by and we can’t believe it’s almost already Fall. There are always new books every month and we’re hoping August won’t hurt our bank accounts too much, haha. Let’s take a look at our anticipated August 2020 releases!

Set Fire to the Gods – Sara Raasch & Kristen Simmons (August 4th)

I really enjoyed Sara’s previous series (although I have yet to read her latest!) and I can’t wait for this newest one. The concept sounds incredibly cool, we have a descent from a long line of gladiators, people with elemental gifts, and gods! I also liked what I read by Kristen so far and I’m excited to see how that collaboration will work.

Lobizona – Romina Garber (August 4th)

When this comes online, I’ll actually already be reading my ARC of this one. A secret world and Argentine folklore are two things that really caught my attention. I’ve heard great things from readers who have already finished Lobizona, so I hope to love it just as much!

Midnight Sun – Stephenie Meyer (August 4th)

Twilight was one of the first series that got me back into reading YA awhile ago, so the series has a special place in my heart. I’m still not completely sure about this one, but curious enough to add Midnight Sun on this list!

More Than Just a Pretty Face – Syed M. Masood (August 4th)

I actually have an eARC for this one and I hope to read it soon. It’s pitched for fans of Becky Albertalli and Jenny Han and I really enjoy their books. We follow Muslim characters in this one and it sounds like it’s going to be an adorable romance.

The Game – Linsey Miller (August 4th)

The Game seems like a perfect book to have on my list if I’m wanting to read more thrillers this Fall. This book is a mashup of The A.B.C. Murders and Riverdale. I think this story is going to be dark, but really interesting.

You Had Me at Hola – Alexis Daria (August 4th)

And you had me at this title! Also with this gorgeous cover and wonderful synopsis. This story is for fans of Jane the Virgin and The Kiss Quotient. I adore Jane the Virgin so much and I think this story has a ton of potential. Hopefully it will be as good as it sounds.

Seven Devils – Laura Lam & Elizabeth May (August 4th)

I’ve read a few scifi books this year and have to say that I’ve really been enjoying this genre. Seven Devils is a feminine space opera and sounds right up my alley. This books sounds like one I won’t be able to put down.

They Wish They Were Us – Jessica Goodman (August 4th)

They Wish They Were Us is pitched as Gossip Girl meets One of Us is Lying. I really enjoyed both, so this is a book I knew I wanted. A thriller that will fit the dark and colder weather. I have an ARC, so I do hope to fit it on my TBR soon.

The Black Kids – Christina Hammonds Reed (August 4th)

This will hopefully be a very important read. It’s about the 1992 Rodney King Riots through the eyes of a wealthy black teenager. I hadn’t heard of these riots before but I definitely want to learn more. And of course in the current world this is such an important topic.

Bookish and the Beast – Ashley Poston (August 4th)

Geekerella is one of my favorites from the past few years. I’m still working on The Princess and the Fangirl, but I know I’m going to want Bookish and the Beast. Just look at how cute that cover is. I can’t get enough of this universe.

Star Daughter – Shveta Thakrar (August 11th)

Look at that gorgeous cover. This one is based on Hindu mythology and that alone already excites me. But the synopsis also mentions the daughter of a star and a mortal and a celestial competition. Yes please!

The Notorious Virtues – Alwyn Hamilton (August 18th)

Okay, I still haven’t read Rebel in the Sands by this author, but her newest book sounds really interesting. A magical competition that determines the heir of a family? Yes, please! And this cover is stunning.

The Faithless Hawk – Margaret Owen (August 18th)

When I’m typing this, I’m still working on The Merciful Crow. I’ve been enjoying it though, so I have a feeling I’ll want the sequel after finishing that one. Hopefully this one is just as fun!

Six Angry Girls – Adrienne Kisner (August 18th)

A mock trial and feminism? This can be interesting. It seems that our main character starts a female mock trial team and starts standing up for herself. That’s definitely something I want to read about.

All Eyes On Her – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn (August 18th)

I enjoyed Last Girl Lied To by Laurie and I’m excited for her newest mystery thriller. This one is from everyone’s perspective except for the girl it’s all about. Everyone seems to know whether she is guilty of murder or not. And I can’t wait to find out if she is!

Ignite the Sun – Hanna C. Howard (August 18th)

A good fantasy story is something I’ll never say no to. Ignite the Sun has something unique. It’s the first story I’ve heard of the sun playing such a big part of the story. Sunlight is dangerous in this one. I have an ARC, so I hope to dive in soon!

Skywatchers – Carrie Acros (August 18th)

Skywatchers seems to be scifi, but also historical fiction. I’m still not completely sure about this one, but it does sound interesting. The story takes place in 1952 and there’s a UFO. It does sound interesting.

Thirteens – Kate Alice Marshall (August 18th)

Just like with scifi, I’ve wanted to read more horror and middle grade. Thirteens helps me with both of those things. The main character’s birthday is on Halloween, so I think that will be the perfect time to read this one. A curse will have to be broken, but will they succeed?

Where Dreams Descend – Janella Angeles (August 25th)

I’ve had this eARC for awhile now and I really have to pick it up soon! This book sounds like it’s right up my alley (although it might be a bit to romance-y for me). We get a magical competition and you all know how much I love those!

Now That I’ve Found You – Kristina Forest (August 25th)

Another cover that I really love! A main character who was supposed to be Hollywood’s next top star, but runs into trouble when her close friend betrays her and her grandmother disappears. Now That I’ve Found You sounds like the story I need to read.

The Companion – Katie Alender (August 25th)

Another horror on the list this month! The Companion sounds really good. A gothic house is normally a sign things are going to be weird, haha. Another perfect Halloween read!

Kind of a Big Deal – Shannon Hale (August 25th)

A main character who reads a book and ends up in it? I need that in my life. This is definitely one that I will be adding to my shelves no matter what. I think this will make me laugh and those are the best books.

Ironspark – C.M. McGuire (August 25th)

There is a lot going on in the synopsis of this one but I’m all here for it! Murderous Fae, a girl trying to keep her friends and family safe while also dealing with panic attacks, family issues and a lesbian love triangle. Can’t wait to dive in!

So these are the books we’re looking forward to in August. Again, there are so many of them! What books are you looking forward to next month? Did we miss any releases you think we’ll love? Let us know in the comments!

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