Bookish Item | Reading Goals Mid Year Update Part 2

Last week Candyce gave you all an update of her reading goals. Of course I also set some goals at the start of the year, and to be honest I totally forgot about a couple of them haha. Today I’ll give an update of my reading goals so let’s get into it!

First off, let’s take a look at the amount of books I read per month, the genres I read and how big those books were.

As you can see it goes up and down and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. March and April were amazing reading months but everything went downhill after that. I’ve had some incredibly busy weeks but I hope to get back to reading more the coming weeks <3.

It’s pretty clear I love my fantasy reads (and those manga’s could also count as fantasy reads) so it’s not surprising to see that bar so high. However, I would say it is pretty interesting to see I’ve read almost as much contemporary novels as I did fantasy. I always say I’m not a big contemporary reader but somehow I kinda am this year haha. Part of is definitely that I read the whole Giant Days series which accounts for 12 of those contemporary books but I guess I still read a lot apart from that as well. It’s always fun to see these numbers!

With all those graphic novels and manga I read it’s not surprising that I read a lot of books in the 100-199 bracket. I am very pleased to see I’ve read a decent amount of books that are 500+ pages. Hopefully I can add a few more in the coming months!

Now on to those goals!

Goodreads My Goodreads goal this year is once again set at a 100 books. When I’m typing this I’ve read 68 books. I’m currently 16 books ahead of schedule so I think this was a good choice. Especially since I want to focus on reading some bigger books. I’m very happy with were I am with this goal though!

Physical TBR My main goal here was to have lowered my physical TBR compared to the start of the year. At the moment my physical TBR is actually 1 lower than it is when the year started haha. It would be amazing if I could keep this up the rest of the year. I’ve definitely bought less books than the previous years so that helps. For now I would love to focus on reading the books I already own.

Backlist books As you can see I only read 14 backlist books so far. It’s pretty good compared to 2018 and compared to 2019 I’m right on track. However, I planned on reading 60 backlist books this year and that’s probably going to be a stretch haha. I will try to focus on it in the coming months.

Big books I already talked about this a little bit. So far I’ve read 10 big books which it pretty good. I did want to read 12 without counting Harry Potter. If we take out the HP books I read 6 big books so I guess I am also on track with this goal. I just have to be mindful and remember to pick up a big book every month haha.

Finish series This is one I’m totally off track with haha. I only finished 3 series so far and one of them I started this year. Compared to other years I’ve read more standalones. I have to pick up some concluding books next or I will totally fail here haha.

Writing reviews Anddd I’m also not doing as well with this one as I was hoping. With our new review schedule I do write more reviews and I think I manage about 1 per week. I am also taking more notes while reading books, but I’m definitely not doing it for every book. Some books don’t really need them but I would like to make more notes in general. It’s a lot easier writing a review if you have taken some notes (and when you write that review pretty soon after finishing the book haha).

So these were my reading goals for 2020 and a little bit of an overview of how I’m doing. On some goals I’m doing great or pretty good. Others I’m failing at haha. It’s good to look at these though, hopefully this will be a reminder to work on some of those goals. How are you doing with your reading goals this year?

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