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Tuesday my T10T post was about authors that deserve more recognition, and when I made that post I kept adding more and more authors. Since it’s a top 10 list I had to narrow it down to 10 authors haha. But I had a lot more on my list, so I decided to share 10 more authors I think deserve more recognition with you all today. Let’s get into it!

1.Lesley Livingston

I met Lesley at YalfestNL a couple of years ago and she was such a great person and super funny. This alone makes me excited about an author haha. But I also really enjoyed the books by her I read so far. Candyce and I read the first two books in her The Valiant series and liked them a lot. The last book in the trilogy is out in the world and I really need to read it haha.

2. Leah Rae Miller

No one seems to be talking about this author! I have to admit I only read one book by her, but I loved it a lot! When checking Goodreads, I saw that there’s a sequel to that book and I really want to read that one now haha. Unfortunately she hasn’t written anymore books but I do hope she will. The Summer I Became a Nerd is one of those cute and fluffy contemporary reads and I need more of those.

3. Cookie O’Gorman

Another cute and fluffy contemporary author. I recently reread Adorkable by Cookie and I adored that one a lot. It’s such a cute story and I just want more people talking about Cookie. She has a couple more books out and I should really read them.

4. Louise O’Neill

While this is a pretty known author, I do feel like she is still pretty underrated. People seem to have heard of her, but I don’t hear that many people talk about her books. I have read one of her books and have another one on my TBR. Louise writes feminist YA stories that I think are very important. I need to read the rest of her books and hope more people do so too.

5. Naomi Novik

Another pretty known author that still deserves a lot more attention! Uprooted is one of my favorite books ever and I’m ashamed I haven’t read the other two Naomi Novik books I own yet. She visited the Netherlands a couple of years ago and I’m still so sad I wasn’t able to meet her.

6. Cristin Terrill

I think this was my first book that had to do with time travel and I’ve been a fan ever since! For a while there was talk about a sequel but in the end Cristin said the story wasn’t working so she pulled the sequel. While I was disappointed there wouldn’t be a sequel, I did really applaud the author for realizing there was no story to be told and to not try to write something anyways. Her next book is a YA mystery thriller and we all know how much I love those.

7. Fransesca Zappia

Eliza and Her Monsters was an Owlcrate pick a while ago, so I think that is a pretty well known book. However, I still haven’t heard that many people talk about it and I my opinion it deserves so much more hype. This is one of my favorite contemporary reads, and you might know I’m not a big contemporary reader at all. Francesca has a couple more books out, one released last October actually. That one sounds especially amazing and I can’t wait to read more by her.

8. Annie Sullivan

I first heard about Annie’s book in the TBR and Beyond book group, her book was a group pick and she did a live show. And now she’s a part of the group and interacts with it regularly. She is such a sweet person and she deserves all the love. I really liked A Touch of Gold and was Candyce and I were a part of the blog tour for the very enjoyable Tiger Queen. Annie does retellings for stories that don’t get retold that often and I adore her for it!

9. Dana Mele

Candyce and I both got Dana’s first book in a Dutch book box and later on it was also a TBR and Beyond group read. Perfect time to read this YA mystery thriller and we both liked it a lot. There is a sequel announced for 2020 but there isn’t much else announced. I’m excited to see where this second book will take us as I felt that we got good enough closure on the first book. Hopefully Dana will write more YA mystery thrillers after this and more people pick up her books!

10. Katherine McGee

I think Katherine McGee is probably the most well known author on this list but I do think she is pretty underrated. Katherine writes delicious teenage drama in interesting settings in my opinion. Her characters all have flaws and feel very real. These books aren’t the best or most unique but they are addictive! I like the way she writes and will definitely pick up whatever she writes next. Currently I have read 3 of her books, I still need to read the last book in her Thousandth Floor trilogy and next year the sequel to American Royals will be released.

These are 10 more authors I think deserve more attention! Interestingly they are all female! And my T10T post about this topic had 9 out of 10 female authors haha. I think it’s because I read mostly female authors, and I love supporting them. Have you read a book by any of these? And do you have any more underrated authors? Come talk to me in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Bookish Item | More Authors That Deserve More Recognition

    1. Happy to hear that! I really need to read more by her so I can fangirl about more books haha

  1. I feel so out of touch when I read these types of posts! I don’t know any of those authors but at least now I know their names and one of their books for the future!

    1. Oh no, no need to feel out of touch! Unfortunately a lot of people haven’t heard about these authors yet. All I want is to give them a little bit more attention and hopefully someone will pick up their books after reading this <3

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