Unboxing | Illumicrate: Blood & Blades – The Darkdawn Edition

We both recently read Nevernight and are working on Godsgrave at the moment. After being surprised with how amazing this series is, we knew we were going to want Darkdawn. Illumicrate announced their box Bloods & Blades: The Darkdawn Edition. All we knew, was that we needed this box and it didn’t disappoint!

WARNING: If you don’t want to see any spoilers for this box, stop reading now. Even though I think most people have their box by now!

This box was huge and it was so much fun to open. This is the spoiler card, but pretty as well!

Goodnight Kisss Mug (Artwork by: Rosie – @rosiethorns88)

Candyce: I love these mugs, but it’s always so hard to take a good picture of one. I love the design on this and it will definitely be getting a spot on my shelf with this trilogy. I don’t ever dare to use these mugs, haha.

Isabelle: This is one of my favorite items! I adore these mugs so much, they the design is gorgeous and I really like this type of mug. It just looks a bit nicer than ‘regular’ mugs in my opinion. So far I haven’t used these mugs yet, but maybe I will at some point haha.

Mr. Kindly and Eclipse Blanket (Artwork by Yoshi Yoshitanu – @yoshiyoshitani)

Candyce: When I heard there was going to be a blanket in this box, I was so excited. It has a great design and is really soft. I know it will be put to good use during the colder days to come. I just have to make sure my cats don’t put their claws in it.

Isabelle: The blanket was one of the two things that really convinced me to get this box. In the King of Scars there was a blanket by this artist included and I adored it so so much. Once again, this is one of the softest blankets ever and it beautiful! I have it on my bed, and love it so so much.

Story to Tell Booksleeve (Quote Design by Chatty Nora – @chattynora / Artwork by Monolime – @monolimeart)

Candyce: My very first booksleeve!! I have to say this one is really sturdy. The material is thick and I know it will protect my books. I love the artwork on it and can’t wait to read the quote in Darkdawn. This book is huge, so I know most books will fit in here.

Isabelle: This is such a cool booksleeve! I love getting booksleeves in boxes and this one has an amazing design. The quote is so touching and it makes me super excited for the book. To me, the material feels a bit leathery and I think it will last for a very long time. That art is so nice as well, I’m super happy with this item.

Itreya Wooden Map (Map by Virginia Allyn – @virgniaallyn/Three Suns Logo by James Orr)

Candyce: I say it a lot when I read books, I love bookish maps! Even though I don’t look at them a lot while reading, it’s nice to be able to look where characters are traveling. I was surprised to get a wooden one and it’s so good! I need to find a spot to display this one.

Isabelle: Bookish maps are one of the best things in fantasy books! It’s nice to have one for this series, and I think it’s going to make a very nice prop for pics. I love that its a wooden one instead of a paper one as you would usually get. It makes it just that much nicer.

Nevernight Pin Set (Designed by Fable and Black – @fableandblack)

Candyce: Ever since I put a leather strip on the side of my bookcase, I’ve been a big fan of pins. These are both so nice and I can’t wait to hang them up for everyone to see. The pins are really sturdy and fit this series perfectly!

Isabelle: YAY we got pins!! I adore a good enamel pin set. And Fable and Black is one of my favorite pin designers so that made this item even better. I love that we got a Darkin one, as I’m still reading Godsgrave, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more about the Darkin. The Lady of Blessed Murder one is gorgeous as well and I think she would highly appreciate being put on a pin haha.

Mr Kindly Bath Bomb (Created by Geekyclean – @geekyclean)

Candyce: Anything shaped like a cat definitely makes me happy. I don’t have a bathtub, so I can’t use it, but I honestly don’t know if I would. It’s just too cute to use. Blood orange is definitely a scent that fits this series.

Isabelle: This bath bomb smells really nice and like Candyce said, it fits the series perfectly. I do have a bath, and I have collected quite some bath bombs now haha. At some point I will start using them, I’m sure of it 😉

Hard at Work Foil Art Print (Artwork by Arz – @arz28)

Candyce: Everytime I see fanart, I’m always really impressed. This piece looks amazing and I love the gold foil added to it. I could not make anything like it, so I’m glad other fans can do that for us!

Isabelle: This might be one of my favorite pieces of art work. It’s quite simple, with black and white. But then the gold foil makes it super special in my opinion. I also love the mask in the right corner, there are quite some mentions of masks in this series so it’s a perfect detail.

Corvere Crest Necklace (Artwork by Danielle – @dalandan.ielle)

Candyce: Mia actually mentions the Corvere crest in the books, so I’m happy we got a necklace. This crest is really sturdy and will definitely last awhile. I hope to hang it on my shelves! I would be afraid to lose it if I actually would wear it.

Isabelle: I don’t really wear jewelry so I don’t care too much about this. It’s probably my least favorite item, although it’s still beautiful. I really like the design and will probably display it somewhere or use it as a photo prop haha.

Mia Figurine (Designed by Illumicrate – @illumicrate)

Candyce: Another item I was really excited to receive. This Mia figurine is a lot heavier than the typical Funko, so I’ll have to find a way to make it stand on my shelf without falling over. I’m so happy to have this in my collection though.

Isabelle: This was the other item that convinced me! I love Funko’s and this figurine fits in super well with my collection. It’ super heavy but it’s the same size as Funko Pops. I think this Mia figurine is absolutely amazing and it looks just like I would want it to look. This is such an amazing collectible to have on my shelves.

Character Bookmark Set (Artwork by Merwild – @merwildandco)

Candyce: You can never have too many bookmarks! I definitely plan on using these while reading Darkdawn (if I ever dare to finish Godsgrave). These turned out amazing and I think my favorite is of Mr Kindly and Eclipse.

Isabelle: I love the Tric and the Mr Kindly & Eclipse bookmarks a lot! But I have to say, I’m never a fan of Merwild’s females haha. Although, I think Mia here is my favorite of her females I’ve seen so far. They all have this really sharp edges which I usually don’t think fit the characters. Mia might be the first character I do like it on!

Nevernight Short-form Series Extras (Cover artwork by Nan Fe – @nanfe1789)

Candyce: I think it’s amazing that a fan is actually creating something for this amazing series. The little sneak peeks and interview are a lot of fun to read. The box also included a seperate print of the cover art and it’s stunning!

Isabelle: I really have to look into this one a bit more but I love that it was included and that people are making this! It’s so cool and it must be such a thrill for Jay to have these amazing fans.

Collectible Coin (By Monolime – @monolimeart)

Candyce: I love that Illumicrate does these coins! This one turned out amazing and I plan on buying some type of magnetic strip for my bookcase. These need to be displayed!

Isabelle: These coins are amazing, I adore Monolime’s art so this is not really a surprise haha. Like Candyce, I need to find a way to display these because they definitely deserve it!

Three – Short Story for Pre-order

Candyce: I actually totally forgot about the pre-order campaign for this book. Jay Kristoff wrote a short story for people who pre-ordered Darkdawn. Except most people got it digitally. I think it’s awesome they included a physical copy in this box. Three can’t be read until after Darkdawn, so I can’t say anything about it yet.

Isabelle: I did look into the pre-order campaign, but I totally forgot about it. It’s so nice that we got it, because technically we also pre-ordered the book haha. But it’s ever more amazing that we got a physical copy! I read like the first page or so, but put it down right away because it will have Darkdawn spoilers and nobody want’s that haha.

Featuring exclusive yellow sprayed edges, exclusively designed endpapers, hand-signed by Jay, and an author letter

Candyce: Last, but not least, the book! I’m happy I stuck to the UK copies of this trilogy. They’re stunning and I love the design under the dustjacket. I’m not quite sure about the yellow pages, but I don’t hate them. The endpages and author letter are amazing. Even though I’m scared about reading this, I’m so excited!!

Isabelle: AAAAAAH, look at that beauty! So I have the paperbacks for the first two books. And I was debating getting the box since my books won’t match. But I figured, at this point, I have so many mismatched series and I wanted this box and this gorgeous book so what does it even matter haha. Everything looks amazing and I can’t wait to dive in!

So that’s the Darkdawn box! As you can see it was a full box with a lot of amazing things!! What do you think of this box? If you received a Darkdawn box (one of the many that were made), let us know what your favorite item was!

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  1. You got so much stuff! I currently get the Bookworm Box (love) and Unplugged Box (meh) and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep that one up after this month. We’ll see.

    1. Yes, the box was PACKED! It also came in a bigger box than they normally use. If you’re not loving it, I’d definitely unsubscribe. You could get some books you really want for that money 😉

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