Unboxing| Illumicrate: We Are The Resistance

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had an unboxing on the blog. I stopped buying book boxes for awhile. That is until Illumicrate started having some really interesting themes and very pretty books. Today I’ll be doing an unboxing for the July 2020 box We are the resistance. There was a delay with some items, so this box only arrived last Saturday.

I think most people have received their boxes by now, but if not be aware of spoilers if you continue reading this post. Let’s take a look what was in this box!

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Unboxing| Illumicrate: Squad Goals

It’s been a couple of months since I got an Illumicrate, but when I read the theme and description of their April box, I was really curious. On top of that, my boyfriend was curious about the Lord of the Rings item we would be receiving. The box was sent a bit later than normal with everything going on, so it’s almost the end of May before I’m unboxing my April Illumicrate, haha. Let’s take a look at the Squad Goals box!

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Unboxing| Illumicrate – In Search Of Doors

If you’ve been following us for a little while, you know I’ve gotten the Illumicrate a few times this year. I love their boxes and they’re not too expensive either. Their November box In Search of Doors, originally sold out before I could get my hands on one, but a friend of mine was able to grab one for me when the last few became available.

I received my box at the end of last week and want to show everyone what’s inside. If you don’t want to read any spoilers, stop reading now. If you want to know what’s inside, keep on reading!

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Unboxing| Illumicrate: With Great Power

At first, I wasn’t going to get the Illumicrate in October. That was until my boyfriend found of this box would have an item for The Poppy War. In the end, I was happy that I got it, because the items are really good. So today I’m doing an unboxing for Illumicrate: With Great Power.

If you don’t want to see any spoilers, stop reading now!

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Unboxing | Illumicrate: Blood & Blades – The Darkdawn Edition

We both recently read Nevernight and are working on Godsgrave at the moment. After being surprised with how amazing this series is, we knew we were going to want Darkdawn. Illumicrate announced their box Bloods & Blades: The Darkdawn Edition. All we knew, was that we needed this box and it didn’t disappoint!

WARNING: If you don’t want to see any spoilers for this box, stop reading now. Even though I think most people have their box by now!

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Unboxing | Illumicrate: Armed & Dangerous

There are so many book boxes out there, but sometimes shipping can be a bit high. It’s been quite awhile since I treated myself to something like this. Illumicrate is a subscription box I’ve had my eye on for awhile and decided to give it a go. So I started out with their August box: Armed & Dangerous.

I think most people have gotten their box by now, but I’ll still put a spoiler warning. If you don’t want to see what’s in the box, don’t continue reading. If you do, let’s see what this box was filled with!

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Unboxing | Fairyloot April

After some shipping problems with 1 item, Fairyloot was finally able to send out the April boxes last week. Mine arrived just before the weekend and naturally I had to open it right away! It actually arrived the next day after I got the shipping email so that was insanely fast. Are you curious as to what was inside? Keep on reading for my April Fairyloot unboxing! Continue reading “Unboxing | Fairyloot April”

Unboxing| Celebrate Books – Murder Girls

Today we have a new unboxing for you all. We both ordered Celebrate Books’ English box in February. The theme for February was Murder Girls. There was a little delay with the books, so it came a little later than planned. We finally got it last Friday and want to show what we got.

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Unboxing|Celebrate Books – Nights & Shadows

Not too long ago we did an unboxing for Celebrate Books’ English Book Box in November. I loved that back so much, that I needed this one as well. I loved the description of this box and I thought I knew what book I would get and I was right! If you want to see what’s in the box, keep reading! I will say there are spoilers for people who maybe haven’t opened their box yet.

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Unboxing | Celebrate Books – Arabian Nights

As two girls who love books, a book box with goodies is something that makes us happy, haha. Here in The Netherlands we have book boxes from Celebrate Books. Every once in awhile they have an English box (most of there boxes have Dutch books). November’s theme was Arabian nights and we both bought the box. If you want to see what we got keep looking. I think everyone here should have there box by now, if not, there are spoilers if you continue reading.

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