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Nina Walker is an author I’ve heard about quite a bit, but hadn’t gotten around to any of her books yet. I own one of her books, Prism, but haven’t read it yet. Not too long ago, I heard about her newest book Crown of Dragons. It sounded so good! I knew I needed to give it a go. A big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC to read and review.

The normal world is an illusion.

Separated from other realms by a thin layer of powerful magic, humans are protected from the fae and dragons, the ghosts and warlocks, and an unfurling evil.

Khali Elliot is a princess —of sorts. She wasn’t born royal and yet she’s destined to become queen. As a Dragon Blessed with four elements running through her blood, her future lineage has already been claimed by the Brightcaster’ throne. She will marry one of the princes. She won’t get to choose which one. She will be obedient.

Until she’s not.

Hazel Forrester sees dead people. Her life is pretty much a bad made-for-tv special where being the haunted girl isn’t a gift, but a curse. Going away to college in a small town where nobody knows her seems to be a solid plan. That is until she meets Dean Ashton, the infuriating boy with fire in his eyes and far too many questions. She will ignore him. She will act normal.

Until she can’t.

Two vastly different realms. Two vastly different girls.

But the realms are bleeding together and the girls are linked. Bound. Spelled.

And little do they know, one can’t survive without the other.


“Some days it feels inevitable that my future will involve padded rooms and straitjackets.”

Crown of Dragons is my first book my Nina Walker and now I’m definitely curious about her other work. If you’re looking for a new fantasy series to start and love dragons and other mythical creatures, this book is definitely for you.

I loved that this book was seperated into two timelines with our two main characters. A perfect mix of the modern day world and a brand new fantasy world. Hazel is a 17 year old girl just trying to live a normal life. Well, as normal as she can be while seeing dead people. Khali is also a 17 year old girl, but she is also a dragon and can work with all the elements. Even those these two live seperate lives that are so different, there are so many similarities. They’re both strong, stubborn and have a really big heart.

“My dragon may be the reason I’m here, but she’s just as caged as I am.”

Nina Walker starts are characters off seperately, but I loved how their worlds slowly started merging in different ways. This felt natural and seemed like the next step in many ways. We learn a lot about the world they’re in. I have to say I wish we would’ve gotten just a bit more history. While I love discovering everything as it comes (like Crown of Dragons does really well), I think a little more background information would’ve been helpful. A lot happens in the 290 pages of Crown of Dragons.

“It’s like I’m turning into the heroine of some cheesy teen novel!”

I don’t want to give away too much about this story, because this is the type of series you need to discover as you read. I can tell you besides an amazing world and characters, you can look forward to humor, lots of adventure and a lot of fun references to our modern day world. On top of that I loved that this author wasn’t afraid to make this book a bit dark at times. It’s not always happily ever after and a few moments in this book really prove that. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, because that ending definitely left me wanting more!

Crown of Dragons was really amazing and I can’t wait for the sequel! In all honesty, I actually haven’t read many books with dragons. Have you read any good books with dragons? Let me know in the comments!

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