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Last week I was adding a bunch of reviews I had posted on the blog to Goodreads. Apparently I’m not as good with keeping up with my GR as I thought I was haha. While talking with some friends, I also realized I have way too many books on my want to read shelf. So I decided to take a serious look at that shelf and get rid of a bunch of books. We did some Down the TBR Hole posts for this a while ago, but it wasn’t going fast enough so I’m going to try this! Let’s see which books I’m getting rid off.

I started with 1287 books and would love to get that down to under a 1000. 65 pages to got through, so let’s get started.

This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be haha. But I did manage to get the number down to 1120 and to 56 pages. So I deleted over 160 books. And I thought I was being quite strict haha. I deleted books I’m no longer interested in, books in series where I haven’t even read the first one, or from authors of whom I haven’t even read one book. It feels good to have cleaned up my GR shelf a bit and might do another round soon!

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