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Lately, I’ve really been enjoying combining my love of shows and books. There are so many book tags out there related to different TV shows I love. Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorites, so I was excited to see that Musings of a Book Girl created a Grey’s Anatomy Book Tag. Let’s take a look!

Meredith Grey
A Character That Never Gives Up

Sunny is a character who hasn’t had an easy time. A mother that wasn’t capable of taking care of her and needing a new heart at 12? Yeah. that’s not easy at all! I loved how strong she was and how determined to get her “new life” on track.

Derek Shepherd
A Book Featuring a Love Triangle

White Hot Kiss has a kind of love triangle. Layla has had a crush on Zayne forever (also kind of a forbidden romance) and then Roth comes along! I loved rereading this book and after five years I forgot how amazing this world was!

Alex Karev
Best Character Development

There are so many books I could choose for this category, but I need to mention Chaol from Throne of Glass. I know a lot of people don’t like him and ask if they need to read Tower of Dawn (which is yes, by the way!). There were many times that I didn’t like him either, but Tower of Dawn puts him in a different light. Chaol is a lot more than people seem to realize!

Maggie Pierce
A Book Featuring a POC Main Character

I read On the Come Up earlier this year and was really impressed! The way the author wrote this story definitely brought all the feels. When I finished reading it, all I kept thinking was that I wanted more of these characters.

Christina Yang
A Badass Female Lead

After reading Nevernight and starting Godsgrave, I have to choose Mia. After all she’s been through, she’s so strong. I love her attitude and how determined she is to find revenge for her family. What I love the most though, is as tough as she may be, Mia still has a heart!

Izzie & Denny
A Book Featuring Forbidden Love

I haven’t read many books with forbidden romances. Illegally Yours is one of these though. In this case, Lucas is defending Trinity’s sister’s exhusband. Things definitely get complicated! I enjoyed this story, but there was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on that made me have a hard time connect to these characters and story.

Miranda Bailey
A Book Featuring Mental Illness

I love seeing more and more books add mental illness to the stories. It’s something that should be able to be talked about and people shouldn’t feel ashamed. Seven Shades of You is a favorite of mine this year and I loved how the author dealt with mental illness!

Lexie & Mark
Favorite OTP

Kelsey Kingsley has a way with words and she’s made me love all of her characters. That being said, in her last book, Tell Me Goodnight, two characters really earned a place in my heart. I loved Tess and Jon and after everything they both deserved a happily ever after!

Arizona & Callie

Jen WIlde is such an amazing writer and she did it again with Going Off Script. Bex’s dream is to write for TV and during her internship she decides to make sure her boss won’t ruin a lesbian character’s story in this fandom. I loved all of the characters and I wouldn’t mind reading more!

George O’Malley
Your Favorite Little Cinnamon Character

Both Joey and Eric are way too good for this world. The Princess of Baker Street is a book that breaks your heart, but restores your faith as well when reading about these characters!

Now that I’ve participated in this tag, I’m really excited for the new season to start!! I’m not good at tagging people, but I tag all Grey’s Anatomy fans. If you do this tag, make sure to let me know. I’d love to see your answers! Is anybody else looking forward to the new season starting?

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