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We’re two months into 2019 and it has me thinking about the books I want to read this year. I have a ton of books on my TBR I want to read asap, and some of those are books by new-to-me authors. So I decided to take a look and figure out which authors I want to read this year for sure. I narrowed it down to 8 authors, so let’s get into it!

Brigid Kemmerer

I own 3 books by Brigid but haven’t read any of them yet! To be honest, the first book by her I got, Letters to the Lost, isn’t one I’m super interested in. But I also got A Curse So Dark and Lonely and that is one I can’t wait to read. Candyce and I plan on reading it next month I believe, or maybe this month haha. And I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it. So let’s hope I like her writing!

Cinda Williams Chima

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this author. The first book I was interested in was the first in her latest series. But then I heard there was an original series set in that world and you would be spoiled if you didn’t read that first. So I got The Demon King and I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it!

Mark Lawrence

I already owned to of his books and I got a third for Christmas. To be honest, I didn’t realize they were all by the same author at first haha. The latest addition to my collection was Red Sister, and every one has been raving about it. I’m pretty sure I will love it to but I don’t know if I should read the other series first. Maybe I will be disappointed if I read that one after Red Sister. But what I do know is that I want to read at least one Mark Lawerence book this year!

Angie Thomas

Everyone has been raving about Angie after The Hate U Give. And obviously I own The Hate U Give as well! But I still haven’t picked it up. I really planned on doing so last month but I couldn’t fit it in unfortunately. Angie’s new book came out recently and although that one doesn’t sound like something that’s really for me, I would love to support Angie in any way I can.

Christina Henry

I even own 4 Christina Henry books! This is embarrassing! Her books sound super cool and intriguing. The Mermaid was translated in Dutch and got quite some attention here. To be honest I only bought that one because of the stunning cover. But I’ve heard some mixed things. I’m not too sure with which book I’ll want to start!

Riley Sager

I only own Final Girls by Riley Sager but that one sounds right up my alley. Apart from being so curious about Final Girls, I’ve also heard a lot of good stuff about Riley’s other work. I really enjoy reading thrillers, even though it’s been a while since I read my last adult thriller. So hopefully this will be a new go to author of mine.

Rebecca Yarros

Almost all of my friends have read the Flight & Glory series and I’m so scared to say I still haven’t read it. They tell me I have to get the Kleenex ready because I will for sure start crying haha. She apparently writes the most amazing and sexy romance novels and don’t we want that all?

Meagan Spooner

I’ve had Hunted on my shelves pretty soon after the release but somehow still never picked it up. Until now! Sherwood comes out this year as well and I would love to read that one. But I have to be strict with myself and not buy any books without consulting my bookcase first haha. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews for this author and I think I will either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. So let’s go for the first one!

So these are some of the authors I would love to read this year. Who is from which year!

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    1. Candyce and I are planning on reading his Mistborn books this summer!

    1. I’m pretty excited to try her work! I also have Unearthed by her on my TBR so fingers crossed I’ll enjoy them.

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