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It’s been a while but I’ve got another comic edition mini reviews for you guys! You can find number 1, number 2, and the Archie edition here. I really enjoy reading comics and I’ve been reading more of them lately! I hope to continue this and write more of these mini reviews. For today, let’s take a look at the three comics I read lately.

31831247Harmony Volume 1: Memento – Mathieu Reynès

I got a free copy of this first volume through Netgalley. This was a super fast read! I really enjoyed the art work, there’s a lot of detail and the style is right up my alley. The illustrations are stunning and really carry the story. The cover is what first captured my eye and what got me interested in the story in the first place. I think it also shows a bit of the art style.

The story starts pretty mysteriously, our main character has amnesia and has no clue who she is, where she is or what’s going on. Some may say this is just your average run of the mill story but I really enjoyed it. The story is pretty short and there isn’t that much happening but definitely intrigued me enough to want to read more. I’m especially curious as to what the first couple of panels have to do with the whole story.

I liked the dialogue and the characters. I do feel that there’s a lot more story to tell and much more development for the characters to go through. I hope to get my hands on the second volume and find out if we’ll get that development there.

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25066786Spider Gwen Volume 0: Most Wanted? – Jason Latour

I picked this up after seeing it mentioned in a video by my favorite Booktuber SuperSpaceChick. I loved the cover right away and the first time I had to order something online I immediately added it to my order. I really enjoyed the art style of Spider Gwen, as I assumed I would based on the cover.

I was however quite confused by the story. This might partially be due to the fact that it’s part of a larger over all story in the Marvel Universe that I don’t really know anything about. One day I would love to read all the different stories in the Marvel Universe but it we’re being realistic that probably won’t happen haha. While I could understand the story well enough it also was kinda all over the place. I had to look back at previous pages and double check it I didn’t skip a page because the story would hop between storylines quite suddenly. There isn’t that much of a background or an origin story for Spider Gwen so that made it some what difficult to get into the story and fully enjoy it. I’m still interested enough to pick up the next volume at some point though.

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31387205Snotgirl Volume 1; Green Hair Don’t Care – Brian Lee O’Malley

I had my eyes on this one for quite a while! I absolutely loved the cover and my edition has textured letters on them <3 I love the colors on this one and once again I really liked the art style haha. The art style in comics and graphic novels is so important for my enjoyment and I like taking a little peak before deciding on buying one. As I said, I really liked the art style in this one.

While reading Snotgirl I realized I didn’t really know what it was about haha. I don’t remember why I was interested in this one in the first place but I’m so happy I picked it up. Snotgirl is about a fashion blogger (love that), with pretty severe allergies (hence the title). Her friends are pretty horrible friends and I was so annoyed with them, I really felt for our main character even though she might not be the most likeable character out there. There were quite some mysteries going on and I’m still not 100% sure on what happened haha. I’m super curious as to what happens in the second volume, especially after that ending. Apart from the ‘main story’ there were also a couple of other smaller storylines and I’m very interested to see where they will be going. Can’t wait till volume 2 releases!

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Did you read any good comics lately? Read any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. YAS! Snotgirl is one of my faves! And I also still don’t quite know what the story is about hahaha

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