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I have been looking around on a few blogs trying to figure out what tag I wanted to do first. It’s a hard decision, because there are a lot of fun tags out there! That’s when I spotted My Life in Books tag on my friend Melissa’s blog (Melissasbookworld). I’m tagging myself at the moment, haha. Keep reading if you want to know about my life in books!

1. Find books that form your initials.


My initials are C.M.K. Although my middle name Marie was only ever used when I was in trouble, haha. When I was trying to think of what books to use for this I wasn’t sure if I had a book that started with a K. How could I forget The Naturals series? I highly recommend this series. Even more so if you love the show Criminal Minds.

2. Find the book on the shelf that matches your age.


I am 29, so this is book number 29 on my shelf. This is a series I got for my birthday last year. The covers are beautiful and the story is amazing. Jennifer L Armentrout is an amazing author. I still have to read the spinoff series with Seth though. They are already in my bookcase ready to be read.

3. Choose a book with the setting of your home country/city.


This book takes place in my home country and close to my home city. I was born in Massachusetts and about an hour away from Boston. This book could’ve easily fit the question what book was difficult to read, because this book was very emotional. A mustread though. It is a beautifully written book.

4. Choose a book with a setting you one day want to visit.


This book takes place at a sort of  Comic Con. That is a dream of mine is to go to the one in California. I think that would be an amazing experience. Isabelle and I are going to the Dutch Comic Con with the girls in our book group next year. It’s going to be so much fun! Of course we will write about it on the blog.

5. Choose a book that’s printed in your favorite color.


Purple is my favorite color and this is a beautiful cover. All three of the covers in the trilogy are amazing. I haven’t read any of them yet, but it’s definitely a series I want to get to in the near future (even though I can say that about all my unread books, haha).

6. Which book brings back good memories?


This was such an easy question to answer, haha. Harry Potter is on the top of my list. I still remember waiting for the next books to be published and the magical feeling I got when I read them for the first time. This is a series I like to reread every year. I have read the first three books so far this year. The rest will have to be scheduled in soon.

7. Which book was a difficult read for you?


I found this book difficult to read. This is the screenplay of course and is written as one (duh, haha). I watched the movie before I read it, so it was a bit easier to follow along. I loved the little doodles inside of the book and the cover is gorgeous. I want my own Niffler, haha.

8. Which book on your current TBR would make you the most proud if you read it?


I have heard so many good things about this trilogy. It was also recently announced that they are making a TV show about these books. I hope to read at least the first one before that happens. But once again, so many books on my shelves could be used for this question.

That was my life in books. Some of the questions were actually hard to answer, because I could use so many different books, haha. I’m not sure who to tag at the moment, but if you want to try out the tag feel free to tag yourself. If you do let me know. I would love to see your answers.

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  1. Loved Fantastic Beasts but as you say its a bit hard reading scripts. But all the artwork where amazing! Love all the creatures they are so beautiful and cute! Niffler ofcourse but I just fell for the Occamy!

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