Mini Reviews – Comics #1

Sometimes you read a book you do want to say something about but not so much that it requires a whole review. For those books we have mini reviews! In this first edition I want to talk about 3 comics I read. They are Saga, Lumberjanes, and I Hate Fairyland, all volumes 1. Excited to read my thoughts about them? Read on!

comics saga lumberjanes i hate fairyland

I haven’t been reading comics for very long yet but it turns out I enjoy them a lot! Its nice to read them in between ‘regular’ novels to put it like that. I usually read them in one sitting and love seeing the beautiful art. Lets dive into the three comics I wanted to discuss today!

I Hate Fairyland – Skottie Young
Volume 1: Madly Ever After

i hate fairyland vol 1

I remember hearing about this one on Booktube so when I was in America last summer I ordered a copy at Amazon. Like I said, I enjoy the art work in comics and I really did like the art in this one! The story is about a girl that goes to Fairyland but can’t complete her quest and therefor can’t go home. She goes on a killing spree through Fairyland and it is amazing! The story and art are pretty gory as you can see on the cover. That cover definitely shows some of what you can expect on the inside. I enjoyed the story and was laughing out loud multiple times while reading it. I immediatly pre ordered the second one once I finished it and would recommend it to everyone.

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Lumberjanes – Noelle Stevenson
Volume 1: Beware the Kitten Holy

lumberjanes vol 1

Another comic that I discovered at Booktube. I previously read Nimona by Noelle Stevenson and the art style is pretty similar. I liked the art a little less than I liked the art in I Hate Fairylnad but still enjoyed it a lot. The story is a bit harder to explain and that’s another reason I didn’t love it as much. The girls are at summercamp and something supernatural happens one night. There are quite some characters but there all pretty easy to distinquish. This comic set up the story and even though it wasn’t super clear yet it got me interested enough to want to read the next volumes.

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Saga – Brian K. Vaughan
Volume 1

saga vol 1

I’m not too sure where I first heard about Saga but this summer when I saw it at Barnes & Noble I knew I had to get it immediately. I also read it pretty soon after I got it and read it in one sitting. I love the artwork in this one and can’t wait to find more comics by the same artist. This is another where the story isn’t super clear to me yet, I would describe it as a sci fi / fantasy that tells the story of a baby. Probably the whole life story of that baby now I think of it haha. The story is set in space and there are tons of different species and there is a big war going in. In this volume the story was set up quite nicely and got me interested in reading more. There are also a ton of smaller storylines that don’t seem to influence the main plot too much, or not yet at least. They were quite intriquing though so I’m not complaining! I would recommend this one for sure.

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Have you read any of these comics? And what did you think of them? Do you have any good comic recommendations? I would love to discover some new ones.

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