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Since watching Hamilton on Disney+ the show and the songs have been on my mind. So of course I wanted to do this tag as soon as Candyce mentioned it to me haha. Maureen Keavy created this book tag four years ago and I hope more people come back to it now that we can watch Hamilton all over the world. Let’s dive into those questions!

The Room Where It Happens

Book world you would put yourself in

I would love to visit so many bookish worlds! But at the same time a ton of them are pretty dangerous as well haha. I think I would love to visit the world in the Throne of Glass series but only after the series ended haha. Traveling around all the places we read about would be wonderful!

The Schuyler Sisters

Underrated female character

Kylene Danners from the Hometown Antihero series is definitely underrated in my opinion. Probably because the whole series is underrated ;). The books are inspired by Veronica Mars so that might give you an idea of how badass Kylene is haha.

My Shot

A character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anything stop them

Kaz Brekker! He does not let anything or anyone get in his way and I love him for it. I’m so flipping excited for the Netflix show and I hope they do Kaz justice <3. He is so ruthless and unapologetic and I really hope they capture that in the show.

Stay Alive

A character you wish was still alive

Of course this is pretty spoiler-y so I won’t name any names. But a character dies in the Six of Crows duology and I’m still sad about it! If you read the books you know who I mean and I’m pretty sure you are still sad or even mad about it as well haha.


The most heartbreaking end to a relationship you’ve ever read

To be honest, nothing comes to mind here haha.

You’ll Be Back

Sassiest villain

I LOVE the villain in the Something Dark and Holy series. These books are wonderful and the villain is amazing. I can’t wait for the third book so we can find out how it is all going to end. Because book 2 did not end on a happy note haha.

The Reynolds Pamphlet

A book with a twist that you didn’t see coming

Now this can also be pretty spoiler-y so I’m going to go with a book almost everyone knows has a twist. We Were Liars had a twist I never saw coming and I really enjoyed the book! I would love to read more books like this so if you have any recommendations let me know!


A series you marathoned

The last series I marathoned was All For The Game. I never expected to like these books so much but I read all three of them in no time at all haha. What a ride that was. I adore those awful characters so much.


Favorite book with multiple POVs

I love multiple POV books! One series I love (and need to continue with soon) is the Witchlands series. We get multiple POVs and an amazing world. I would highly recommend these books.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tell Your Story

A book/series you feel like will be remembered throughout history

How can I not pick Harry Potter. This series is such an important story for so many people. And even with all of J.K. Rowling’s awful comments lately, this story will not be forgotten. I think parents will keep telling their kids to read this series for years to come.


A relationship you were pulling for from the very start

The hate to love relationship in Red White and Royal Blue is one of my favorites ever and I was rooting for them from the very beginning. Yes in the hating stage I already wanted them together haha.

Ten Duel Commandants

Favorite fight scene

I loved reading almost all the fighting scenes in Nevernight. Mia is such a badass character and I love her fighting. And writing this reminds me I really need to continue that series soon haha.

Say No To This

Guilty pleasure read

I don’t really have a guilty pleasure read I think. We all should read whatever we enjoy! Maybe Harry Potter is my guilty pleasure read because I read it so often haha.

What Comes Next

A series you wish had more books

The Six of Crows duology! Yes I’m mentioning these books again haha. I do know we are getting another book but I don’t know when I wish we already had them haha.

Right Hand Man

Favorite BROTP

Kell and Rhy from the Shades of Magic series are the best together. They are adopted brothers and I love their relationship. These boys are amazing and I would love to go back to this world. Another series I wish had more books haha, and one where we are actually getting more! Hopefully soon!!

What’d I Miss

A book or series you were late to reading

It’s been years now but I was pretty late to the Divergent hype. By the time I picked up the books I was able to read all three in a row. It was nice to marathon those and not have to wait for the next book to be out though!

This was a pretty long tag! I really enjoyed doing this one and you can bet I was listening to the Hamilton soundtrack while writing this post haha.

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