Royal Update #28

We thought it was time for a fun new post every week. In the Royal Update one of us updates you about our personal life, bookish news, what we’re reading, watching and listening to and anything else that might apply to this post. We thought it would be fun to share a bit more about our personal lives and hope you think so too!

Life has been pretty much the same here the past couple of weeks. Working and lots of cuddling with the kitties and reading. Since the beginning of June, you have to wear masks on buses and trains. That definitely takes some getting used to! I understand the reasoning, but it’s still so weird seeing so many people with masks at stations and on buses.

With some of the rules set in place getting less strict, we’ve started doing a few things! Last weekend we visited friends that live really close to us (a five minute drive) and we played board games. Everyone was symptom free and it was so nice just doing something so “normal”. Our game nights got pretty big, but it was nice just being with the original four! And two days ago, on Saturday, the boyfriend’s parents and sister came by for a BBQ. The weather was amazing and the food and company were really good! I have to say it’s weird how tiring socializing is when you haven’t done so in a few months. Even if it felt really good to be able to do something.

Of course it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t add any ARCs to my Kindle these past two weeks. Netgalley granted my wish for two books. I’ve only ever had one wish granted before, so this was pretty exciting.

The Empire of Gold – S.A. Chakraborty This is the third and final book in The Daevabad Trilogy. I loved the first two books and am excited for the conclusion. Unfortunately, my wish was granted a week before release in the UK. This book is almost 800 pages, so it will be a bit before I’m done with The Empire of Gold.

Eight Pieces of Silva – Patrice Lawrence I actually forgot about wishing for this one (it’s so easy just to click wish for it, haha). After reading the synopsis again, I remembered why I wanted to read this one. I have a feeling this will be an interesting mystery.

Also, the following book was Read Now on Netgalley last week:

The Black Kids – Christina Hammonds Reed This book takes place in LA in 1992. I have a feeling this is going to be an intense book, but probably very important with everything happening in the world right now. The Black Kids releases in September, so keep an eye out for a review around then on the blog!

I’ve also added a few books to my ARC list from authors I’ve read for before or books for blog tours:

Out of Play – Kayla Tirrell This is the second book in her Love in the Arena series. I love this author’s work, so I’m really excited to dive right in! The release date is at the end of this week, so my review will be up really soon.

The Player Next Door – K.A. Tucker This enemies to lovers sounds like so much fun! I’ve recently read a book by this author and have a few on my shelf, so I’m excited to read more!

Wild Highway – Devney Perry Runaway Road was a really fun read and Wild Highway is the sequel. These books seems like the perfect summer read, so this author has perfect timing!

All the Little Lies – SJ Sylvis This author has given us romantic comedies and rock star romance, but is back with something completely new. All the Little Lies is a bully romance. I haven’t read many of those and am not really sure what to expect, but I’m really curious!

I have to say June has started off a bit slower when it comes to how fast I’m finishing books. Since my last Royal Update I’ve finished the following books: Storm and Fury, The First Score, Cheesy on the Eyes, The Dead Queens Club, House of Dragons, Misconception, The Black Flamingo and Taking His Shot.

I’m currently reading Spin the Dawn, Rage and Ruin, These Witches Don’t Burn and In Her Skin. There are a few other books I’ve started with, but am not actively reading at this moment.

This week I hope to start reading a few books: Invincible, The Player Next Door, Out of Play, Changeling and This Coven Won’t Break.

I actually have quite a bit of bookish news this week! There are some cover reveals and book announcements, so let’s take a look.

I haven’t bought anything new the past two weeks. Well, I bought pants and a sweater, but nothing really interesting enough to post here.

After watching Never Have I Ever, I ended up looking on Netflix for the next show to watch. I recently started You! I’ve read the books a few years ago and thought they were good. I think I’m on the fifth or sixth episode now. All I know, is watching this is making me want to read the books again!

As for music, I’m still on a Home Free kick. There music is just amazing and every time they add a new single, I start listening to my playlist all over again.

So that’s been my past two weeks! How have you been? Have you seen, read or listened to anything good? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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