Royal Update #21

We thought it was time for a fun new post every week. In the Royal Update one of us updates you about our personal life, bookish news, what we’re reading, watching and listening to and anything else that might apply to this post. We thought it would be fun to share a bit more about our personal lives and hope you think so too!

Anddd I’m back with a pretty boring update haha. I’m trying to enjoy the nice weather in our beautiful garden. Last week we brought my horse to a bit of a retiring home for horses and have been checking on him everyday. He is doing absolutely amazing and we’re so happy we decided on this move. In this new place he’ll be outside fulltime, either in the paddock or the pasture and there’s a shelter incase of bad weather. There are 22 horses and he has made a couple of friends already. I’m so happy he’s doing good, he looks great and he has been a bit naughty as well. In his first week there he escaped to a different pasture, jumped the gate from the paddock to the pasture at night, jumped on some mares he wanted to mate with and tried to be a bit of a boss overall haha.

I’ve been working on my schoolwork a lot, we had to turn in a big assignment last week. This week is the start of our 2 week vacation though so I can make a head start on a couple of assignments. Today is actually Kings Day in the Netherlands so we’ll have some pastries today and I might have a couple of drinks in my friends garden (where we can keep our distance 😉 we’re being safe haha).

I have one new eARC, A Curse of Gold. This is the sequel to A Touch of Gold by the lovely Annie Sullivan. Annie is such a sweet human and I can’t wait to see where this sequel is taking us.

I finally finished Elantris! And I continued the Giant Days series and I finished all of it. I also read Every Heart a Doorway and Heavy Vinyl. Ofcourse I’m still reading a bunch of book but it’s still pretty much the same books so I’m not mentioning them again haha.

I will be reading the next book in the Wayward Children series again this week for our TBR and Beyond buddy read. After looking around on Scribd, I’m also continuing the Backstagers graphic novel series. Other than that I don’t know what I’m going to pick up yet haha.

I just have a couple of pieces of bookish news so let’s take a look.

I’m really looking forward to the Hunger Games prequel novel and I’m happy to announce the movie rights have already been bought! The Hunger Games movies were great and I can’t wait for another one.

Another month where I managed to not buy anything! Pretty proud of myself, I have so much stuff I hardly use and so many book to read so I hope I can do something about all of that before I start buying stuff again haha.

I’m not watching as many shows as I was expecting to when this quarantine started but I am happy to say I finally caught up with Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. It was nice to watch so many of the episodes back to back although I’m very mad at the whole Alex situation! I also started watching the new show Defending Jacob and I’m enjoying it a lot. Another show I picked back up is Roswell, New Mexico and I’m happy it did so. And lastly I watched the last couple of episodes of Diary of a future president.

I haven’t been listening to that much music, however I have been listening all most non stop to the Potterless podcast. This podcast had been on my need-to-listen list for quite a while now and since I’m completely emerged in the Wizarding World at the moment it seems like the perfect time for it. I already reread all the books, watched all the movies and started listening to some of the non fiction books. To be honest I really wanted to reread the books AGAIN but that felt a bit silly since I did so in December and in March/April…. So I am listening to this podcast and kinda feel like I’m once again experiencing the books haha.


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