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So…. someone on the world wide web alerted me to the fact that had an insane discount on certain English books. Of course I had to check it out and before long I had about 17 books in my virtual basket. This was a bit too crazy with the amount of money I have been and will be spending during these dark months haha. In the end I got it down to 12 books for 47 euros! A super good deal. And I’ll show you all the books I got in this spree.

The Magic Misfits: The Second Story – Neil Patrick Harris
paperback, €2,14

Candyce gifted me the first book in the Magic Misfits series for my birthday this year and I enjoyed it a lot! So when I saw this paperback for this insane price it went straight into my basket. This is a fun and enjoyable mg series and now an upcoming buddy read with Candyce!

Not Even Bones – Rebecca Shaeffer
paperback, €3,05

This one has been on my radar a couple of times. I adore the title and the series name, but if I’m being honest I kinda forgot what it’s about haha. It’s says Dexter meets This Savage Song and that is basically all I need to know. Only one of my friends read it but she did enjoy it so I have high hopes.

An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason
hardcover, €3,13

I love the title for this one as well! It’s a historical fiction and I really need to read more of those as I do enjoy them a lot once I pick them up. And anything that has to do with assassins is a win in my book.

Save the Date – Morgan Matson
paperback, €3,20

I really enjoyed the Morgan Matson I read before and this one has been on my wishlist since I heard about it. At the moment I also have another Morgan Matson on my TBR and I was going to force myself to read it before getting a new Morgan Matson. But with prices like this I have to be flexible on the rules 😉

Ship It – Britta Lundin
hardcover, €3,58

Aaaah, this one has been on quite some wishlists before! But it was always pretty expensive and I did really want the hardcover as the naked hardback looks incredibly cool. So I definitely squealed when I saw this price haha. Can’t wait to dive into this cute story.

Aquicorn Cove – Katie O’Neill
hardcover, €3,70

You might recognize this author from my Christmas wishlist from last Wednesday! I have had her first book on a lot of wishlists and I will finally own one of her books. This is such a good price for a gorgeous book like this and I can’t wait to dive in.

The Lovely and the Lost – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
hardcover, €4,01

This is one of the only Jennifer Lynn Barnes book I haven’t read yet! And I’m ashamed to say it will be the first one I own a physical copy off. Jennifer is one of my most read and most beloved authors but I didn’t own any of her books! I did 13 thirteen of her books and am currently reading number 14.

The Beholder – Anna Bright
hardcover, €4,52

The covers for this series are gorgeous! I believe this has a couple of fairytale mashed-up together and I’m excited to see how that all works out. There have been quite some mixed reviews so I probably wouldn’t have gotten this for a higher price but I don’t mind taking a chance with prices like this.

These Divided Shores – Sara Raasch
hardcover, €4,52

Another one where I had to be flexible in my rules haha. I haven’t read the first book in this series yet, although I did read the first chapter. Usually I won’t get the next book if I haven’t read at least the first book in a series. But if I do enjoy this first book it will be such a shame if I didn’t get the next one for this price.

Grim Lovelies – Megan Shepherd
hardcover, €5,01

Another one where I’m taking a chance. There actually have been a lot of negative and disappointed reviews for this one. I did read another book by this author and didn’t really like it, but I also met the author and she was lovely! This cover is gorgeous and as you can see it’s set in Paris, so those are some great plus points.

Strange Grace – Tessa Gratton
hardcover, €5,13

I had two Tessa Gratton books in my basket but I forced myself to choose only one. Since I heard amazing things about Strange Grace I went with that one. The other one had a better cover if I’m being honest haha, but I’m super excited about this story! Hope it lives up to my expectations.

Space Opera – Catherynne M. Valente
hardcover, 5,17

And lastly is this adult space opera that is aptly named Space Opera! None of my friends read this but I actually have pretty high hopes. The cover looks like it fits the story perfectly and I hope this book is as funny as I think it will be.

So this is my loot from my book buying spree! Do you see any books you read or want to read? How jealous are you after seeing these prices? Haha! Come talk to me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Bookish Item | I Went on an Book Buying Spree

  1. My my, what a spree! Online shopping is both the best and worst thing to happen haha. It’s so much easier to get ahold of books that you couldn’t get otherwise, but it’s also insanely easy to just click “add to cart.”

    1. Hahaha yes it’s way to easy!! If I had to carry these across a store I might’ve bought less… Although I remember a trip to the book store where I could hardly pick my books back up after setting them down to check out another book. That’s how big my pile already was. So I might still have bought this many haha. And maybe more because I was ‘supporting a brick and mortar store’

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