TTT #91| Cover Redesigns I Loved/Hated

We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since January 2018 Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is Cover Redesigns I either Loved or Hated. Instead of picking one of them, I I want to do 5 cover redesigns I loved and 5 cover redesigning I hated. Like most book worms I hate having mismatched series but sometimes a cover change is the right choice! Let’s take a look at those cover redesigns!

Cover Redesigns I Loved

1.Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

The first book in the Throne of Glass series has a very cheap cover with a girl on it. But the redesigns are one of my favorites ever. I love the UK edition most but think the USA edition is a lot better than the original one as well!

2.The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers

This is another one where they changed the cover of the first book. I don’t really like the original cover. Its not bad but it just doesn’t grab my mind. This wouldn’t grab my attention at all. Luckily they changed the covers to something I do like a lot.

3.Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

While I really liked the first cover, I adore the cover redesign! I own the original cover but since I pre-ordered the coming sequel with the cover redesign I might need to get another copy of Carry On. Since I really liked Carry On I don’t mind getting an extra copy.

4.Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

I really disliked the cover for the first book and I’m so happy they did a redesign. The current covers are one of the most gorgeous covers ever and while I don’t like the books that much I still want to own these books. And yes, that would be just because of the covers haha.

5.Ruin and Rising – Leigh Bardugo

This is another one where I do really like the first cover, but I also adore the new covers. And this time around I actually own the new covers. The original covers for this series are stunning and really like the details that went into it. But the new one are so pretty and shinny!

Cover Redesigns I Hated

1.An Ember in the Ashes – Sabaa Tahir

I know this one is a bit controversial and I get the importance of the cover change. The fact that it has people of color on it in wonderful and we do need more cover like that, but the fact remains that I hate the actual covers. I adore the original covers with all the details and the general feeling it gives you. The new covers don’t fit the ones I already own, something that’s always annoying but I also don’t really like people on cover. I’m very particular about that and there are a few covers where I like this and it’s usually drawn people. They look too real here if that makes sense?

2.Flame in the Mist – Renée Ahdieh

The first edition has a gorgeous cover and I was so happy to get that one. Since this is only a duology you’d expect the cover for the second book would match. But no, they had to go ahead and change it anyway. And unfortunately its another one I really dislike. It has the face of a person on it and just a bunch of flowers. To me it doesn’t get the feel of the books across and that’s such a shame.

3.Code Name Verity – Elizabeth Wein

The first cover isn’t the most beautiful cover I have ever seen but it does fit the story perfectly. And this is a book that deserves a great cover, because I love it so so much haha. They did do another cover change and I do like that one. It has a bit more color and is very pretty. However, it doesn’t get the feel of the first cover across.

It turns out this was a lot harder than I expected! I have been scrolling to Goodreads for hours haha. But I just can’t seem to find all those cover changes I used to hate. I guess for a lot of them I do actually like the change, but just hate the fact that my editions don’t match. For now I’ll just leave it as this! I would love to hear your most hated cover redesigns though! Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “TTT #91| Cover Redesigns I Loved/Hated

  1. I love the second Long Way cover- it’s one of my favorite covers actually. And I love the Shatter Me redesign too- those eye covers are great!

    THrone o Glass definitely improved!

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