TTT #79 | Books I Need to Read So I Can Watch the Movie

We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since January 2018 Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is a Page to Screen Freebie and I decided to go with Books I Need to Read So I Can Watch the Movie (or tv show)! There are so many movies and tv shows based on books and I have a lot of them on my TBR / to be watched list. And today I want to show 10 of those. So let’s get into it!

1. A Discovery of Witches – Deborah Harkness

The trailer for this one looks really good and the story sounds like something I would love. So naturally this book had been on my wishlist for ages! Not too long ago, I finally got a copy of this one and I have been wanting to read it ever since. However, it’s quite a big book and I think it will be on the slower side. So I’m hesitant about actually picking it up.

2. Dumplin’ – Julie Murphy

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t really planning on reading, or watching this one. But I have heard so many wonderful things about both the book and the movie, so I’ve gotten a little bit curious haha. I think it will be a pretty fast read so I feel like I should just pick up the book. For awhile I was debating to just watch the movie but I can’t seem to skip the book haha. It just feels wrong!

3. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

I have read the first 2 books in this series, and have seen the first couple of episodes of the tv show. But I kinda want to read most of the books before really getting into the show. I know myself, and this will be a bingewatch show for me. So I like to have read the books before I accidentally watch more than I’ve read. However, these are once again huge, and slow paced books and it took me months to read the first two haha.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

My friends can’t believe I haven’t seen this show yet! And I’m a bit embarrassed about it myself haha. But I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t possibly watch the show. I feel like the next season will be out shortly (although that might be wrong) and I should really catch up before I get spoiled. The reason I’m putting this one off has partly to do with the fact that everyone seems to think this is were the actual world is heading towards.

5. American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Both this story and the tv show look quite good! But I have read two Neil Gaiman books and I didn’t really like either of them. So, to say I’m hesitant about this big books might be an understatement. I thin this will either be a love or a hate book for me and I don’t feel like investing the time to find out right now. At some point, I probably will. But not today.

6. Good Omens – Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

I really like the synopsis for Good Omens, but once again I’m scared because it was co-authored by Neil Gaiman. Hopefully it was just a fluke and I will love his books from now on. I haven’t read anything by Terry Pratchett yet but I have heard wonderful things. And there are some pretty big names linked to this tv show, so you know I have to do it.

7. You – Caroline Kepnes

This show was super popular and hyped a couple of months ago. And I had been wanting to read the book FOREVER. I have recently started reading it and so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s mostly what I was expecting for it and it’s pretty dark. Once I finally finish the book I can binge watch the show with a good friend of mine. She’ll probably be finished around the same time haha.

8. Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

I watch the first episode of True Blood years ago and have been planning on reading the books since then. It took me that long to even get the first book, something I now have done. Next step is actually reading the book and hopefully that won’t take as long πŸ˜‰ There are a lot of books in this series so if I like the first one I have my work cut out for me!

9. Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

Another one that has been on my wishlist for ages! I was already interested in reading the book and now I really am. The tv show was pretty popular and I can’t wait to see it it all matched up. I believe there is a second season coming and it would be great if I read this one before than.

10. The Passage – Justin Cronin

I bought the Dutch version of the first book in this series ages ago. It was a secondhand book and it looked interesting. I think it’s almost a 1000 pages, so you can imagine why I haven’t picked it up yet. At the start of the year I wanted to read it for the Emily Fox reading club but I couldn’t fit it into my reading schedule. However, that was also when I found out there was a tv show for these books. Both the story and the trailer look great so I’m super excited for the moment I finally do pick this one up.

Have you read any of these books? Seen the shows or movies? Please let me know in the comments!!

16 thoughts on “TTT #79 | Books I Need to Read So I Can Watch the Movie

  1. The Passage tv show was just cancelled after one season ._. I thought the book was just okay but I liked some of the different choices they made in the tv show.

    Neil Gaiman can be such a hit or miss to be honest. I thought American Gods, Coraline and Stardust were just okay, but enjoyed the American Gods tv show nontheless. I did like some of his other books like The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Graveyard Book and The Sleeper and the Spindle. Which books have you tried before?
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  2. I loved Big Little Lies, and thought the show was pretty great too! And I was just reading a review of A Discovery of Witches- love the sound of it.

  3. I watch Outlander and I absolutely love it – but I haven’t read the books yet. I feel like it’s going to be a huge commitment as the series is quite long (and it’s not my usual genre). Hope you enjoy reading it!

  4. I’ve watched quite a few of these without reading the books, You, Outlander and Dumplin’. Both Outlander and Dumplin’, I liked the sound of the show/film, but didn’t think the books would be for me, so I just dove straight in. You, I had to review for a website I write for, and didn’t have time to read the book before the review for the show was due, so I’m doing it the other way around.
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  5. Nice take on this week’s topic. I’ve read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series and the tv show is very different from the books. I prefer the books over the show. In fact, I never finished watching the tv series. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  6. I really want to finish the Outlander books so I can watch the series, too. You’ve got a few others up there that are on my TBR.

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