Bulletjournal|February Set Up and the Tools I Used

February is here, which means it’s also here in my bulletjournal. I was ahead this time and finished a couple of weeks ago, but I still want to show you all a few things. I won’t be showing you all everything, because it’s just about the same as when I set up 2018. To show you a little bit more, I will also be giving you all a look at the tools I use to set up my bulletjournal.

If you are curious about how my month is completely set up click here. Today I won’t be sharing everything, but I want to show you what my month looks like with colors and designs.

This is my cover page. I’m actually really proud of how it came out! I love the colors. The letters I used to write February are really fun as well. I still dislike the ghosting, but in the end it’s that I can do what I need to do in it! The markers I used are lying next to it. At the end of this post I have a close up of them as well. I have Crayola Super Tips and I love how they work.

This is my monthly page. The only thing I really add on here are birthdays and holidays. I used the same colors as on my front page.

As you can see I try and use the same color scheme throughout the whole entire month. Except on these pages I added some more red to the mix. When I fill in the totals at the end of the month I will be using pink.

Last but not least how I did my weekly. I’ve slowly started planning this week. I start every month off with pencil, but once that’s done I trace over it with my Micron Fineliners. I have different sizes, but to do the outline of the boxes I use the 01.

Here is a closeup of what I used for these spreads and the other ones I didn’t show. I’m really pleased with all of the supplies I use!

That’s it for today! Is there anything about our bulletjournals you guys would like to see in the future? Just let us know in the comments.

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0 thoughts on “Bulletjournal|February Set Up and the Tools I Used

  1. I did the little love tree for my February page as well <3 I need to get my butt in gear and actually share my Feb spreads this week!

  2. these pages are so pretty! may i ask where you got your journal from? i can only find ones with lines but i want the dots ahah

    1. Thank you! I got mine here in The Netherlands. I know that Moleskin, Leuchtrum (if I spelled that right), Scribbles That Matter have dotted ones. I don’t know what you have available near you.

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