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Most of the time I read Young Adult books and I really enjoy them. Sometimes I am in the mood for something else and I go to my guilty pleasure: romance books (Sport Romances). A good friend and I have been flying through many of them this year, even though our list continues to grow, haha. I decided to let you guys see some of my favorites from this year.

I have read quite a few romance/new adult books this year, so to keep this post normal and not make it a book I have decided to show you ten books/series.


Meet Me Under the Stars – K.D. Proctor

I just recently finished reading this book and my review will be posted next week. All I can say is that I really enjoyed this book. The two main characters have feelings for eachother, but there own pasts and issues are stopping them for being together. When they are forced to work together old feelings are brought up again. I loved the humor and chemistry and how the writer was able to make us feel all the emotions with them. I definitely hope this writer publishes more books.


See Through Heart – Amie Knight

This was another book that I read not too long ago. It got a 5 star rating from me and had some major ugly cry moments. This book is about Ainsley and Aiden who have known eachother since they were little. There was always love there, but when a tragedy happens Ainsley changes and has a really hard time. The question is can they find their way back to the other. I loved that the writer gave us an idea of how they were when they were younger and switched POVs during the book. I loved this romance story and seeing the characters grow.


Wilder – Rebecca Yarros

There is no way I can write a post about favorite romances and not include Rebecca Yarros. All I can say is she knows how to write! She creates stories that make you ugly cry and swoon over the male character (if you like men anyways, like I do, haha). This triolgy follows The Renegades. They are champions from the X Games and our making a documentary while on a boat for the Study at Sea program. The first book follows the leader of The Renegades and his tutor. Of course there are a lot of funny moments and the will they won’t they moments, but they make the book great. I have also read Nova, but still need to read Rebel. I definitely recommend these books!


This is War – Kennedy Fox

This is an enemy to lover romance book, haha. Travis is her brother’s best friend and she can’t stand him. She thinks he’s arrogant and he is constantly taunting her. She just happens to have a major crush on him and she has since she was 10. She plans on staying at their house during Spring Break, but her brother ends up going on a trip, so Violet is then stuck with Travis. There is tons of tension and they end up in bed together. This creates hilarious situations and the references about Harry Potter made it even better, haha.


Where I Belong – J. Daniels

This is the first book in the Alabama boys series and I loved it!! All the books kept getting better and better. This series made J. Daniels one of my new favorite authors. There are sexy main characters, a lot of humor and tons of chemistry. All of the books have the typical romance story, man and woman don’t like eachother, they start liking eachother, something bad happens and in the end they are together. This didn’t make them bad though. J Daniels knows how to write them and keep them original. This is definitely a series I will reread in the future.


180 Seconds – Jessica Park

I mentioned this book in my TTT, because of the colors in this beautiful cover make me think of Fall. I love the concept of this story. Allison hasn’t had the easiest life and one day she is sitting on a bench outside when she is approached by someone who is doing an experiment. What happens when you look at someone in the eyes for 180 seconds? She feels a connection with Esben, but after everything in her life she doesn’t know how to open up. You follow their journey and see how much 180 seconds can change someone’s life. I recommend this book, but I will warn everyone. You need tissues! At least I did, haha.


The Deal – Elle Kennedy

This is the first book in the Off Campus series. I still have to read the last book, but the first three were amazing! All I can say is hot hockey players, humor and a lot of romance is the perfect way to describe these books. Garrett and Dean are my favorite, haha.


Scoring Wilder – R.S. Grey

This was the book that made R.S. Grey one of my favorite authors. This is basically a “forbidde romance”. Liam is a famous soccer player that has a badboy image. He needs to get his act together or he will be kicked off his team. He “volunteers” to help coach a women’s soccer team and there he meets Kinsley. Of course there is attraction and everything that comes with that. Liam has a high “swoonfactor”, a word a friend and I made up to rate bookboyfriends, haha.


Full Measures – Rebecca Yarros

Okay, I had to add another Rebecca Yarros book. I think I will have to hide from a friend after I say this, but I have only read this book from the series. I still need to get to the other ones. Once again an epic love story with a lot of emotion. I don’t think there is anything else to say, but everyone needs to read them.


Dear Life – Meghan Quinn

Last but not least, Dear Life. This book follows the lives of four characters: Hollyn, Jace, Daisy and Carter. All four of them have something going on in their life that is making things difficult. They all join the Dear Life program. Every week has a theme and they talk and write letters to themselves. You read chapters from all of their perspectives and follow their journey. This is another emotional read with a touch of romance that is very sweet. It may have a bit less romance than the other books, but it’s still definitely worth it.


The House Mate – Kendall Ryan

Okay, I know I said this would be only ten series/books, but then a friend of mine reminded me of this amazing series and I had to add it, haha. This is a book from the roommates series and it’s amazing. This particular one has a main character who becomes a single father and takes care of his little girl. He is so sweet with her in the book that it just makes you melt, haha. Definitely one that has to be on this list!!

So these are the eleven romance books I wanted to talk about today. Have you read any of them? What did you think? I am also curious to know if you have any recommendations for me?


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  1. REBELLLLL, you need to read that book asap! shbdghjsbghjbdvfhjbdvfdfg

    I’ve bought 180 seconds for my kindle and then saw you read it as well,
    so now I’m even more excited for this book!

    The Deal by Elle Kennedy is also still on my wishlist, hear so many good things about this series.

    And scoring wilder.. sigh.. LOVE THAT BOOK SO MUCH <3


    1. Yeah, I need to get to Rebel!!
      I really loved 180 seconds. It’s an emotional book, but I thought it was beautiful. Yes, The Off Campu series is amazing!!!

      And I know I need to get to Fight & Glory. I only hear good things!!

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