Review | Check, Please! Vol. 1 & 2 – Ngozi Ukazu

It’s been a while since I read both of these books but I still really wanted to share my thoughts and maybe bring them to your attention haha. This web series is also published as two graphic novels. I’ll talk about both volumes today, so let’s jump in! Continue reading “Review | Check, Please! Vol. 1 & 2 – Ngozi Ukazu”

Review | Lore Olympus S1 – Rachel Smythe

Today I have a bit of a different review for you all! As you may know, I love reading graphic novels. And you can find a lot of amazing stories online in the form of webcomics. These are just graphic novels or comics but you can read them online, often for free! I use Webtoon to read webcomics and my current favorite is Lore Olympus. Last weekend I finished the first ‘season’ of the story and I figured that would be the perfect moment to write a review. So let’s dive in! Continue reading “Review | Lore Olympus S1 – Rachel Smythe”