Bookish Item | Books I’m Bringing to France

When you’re reading this I have been in France for two days but I’m writing this while I’m still at home haha. I’m going to France for a week and of course I am bringing some books with me. This is always such a hard part of packing my bag. While I also have my ebooks and audiobooks, I need some physical books and I you have to leave the rest at home… Interested to see which ones I decided to bring? Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Books I’m Bringing to France”

Bookish Item | Books In My Suitcase

I’m going on a trip next week, a Corona-proof trip I promise. And of course I need to take some books with me. It’s always difficult to pick which books I want to read so I usually bring to many. But I like to have some choices haha! So let’s see which books I plan on taking with me. Continue reading “Bookish Item | Books In My Suitcase”

Bookish Item| Books to Pack for Vacation

Getting away for a week is always a wonderful thing, but I think most bookworms will recognize my problem. Figuring out what books to pack for vacation. This afternoon I am off to a cottage with my boyfriend for a week. We will be close to a little beach, so what will I be doing while there? Right, reading! Of course I will bring my e-reader, but I love bringing a few physical books as well. After thinking about it for awhile, I have decided to bring these books!

Continue reading “Bookish Item| Books to Pack for Vacation”