Tag | Pre Netflix Grishaverse Tag

A while ago it was announced that the wonderful Grishaverse was coming to Netflix! And hopefully you all know by now how much I adore the Grishaverse. So naturally I can’t wait to see the Netflix adaptation. It’s going to be so interesting to see how they bring both the original trilogy and the Six of Crows duology to the screen and I just can’t wait. I came across this Pre Netflix Grishaverse Tag and thought it would be fun to do this one myself to tie me over until we get more news <3 Continue reading “Tag | Pre Netflix Grishaverse Tag”

Tag | The Grishaverse Book Tag

As you know, this week is a Grisha week on our blog, so we needed a tag to match. The Grishaverse Book Tag was originally created by Rebecca Books, but I found it on Rattle the Stars.

This tag looked like a fun, so we decided to give it a go! Keep reading to take a look at our answers!

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