Buddy Review| The Assassin’s Blade – Sarah J Maas

Tomorrow is release day for Kingdom of Ash, the final installment of Throne of Glass! This blog wouldn’t even be here without this series, so it’s something special to us. All week this week we will have some type of ToG related post come online.

In April we decided to start our reread of this series and read The Assassin’s Blade. We posted our review at the end of the month, but that’s when we decided we wanted to do a theme week in October. So we are once again posting the same review to kick off release week of the last book in this amazing series!

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Buddy Review | The Assassin’s Blade – Sarah J Maas

After it was announced that the last installment of this book will be called Kingdom of Ash we both decided we missed the world and wanted to read these books again. It’s kind of funny when you think about the fact that we met thorough a readalong of this series, haha. Every month we are going to review one book. It gives us just enough time to read them all before Kingdom of Ash is released. Be warned there will be spoilers in these reviews. So if you haven’t read this series yet, you may not want to read our review! We are starting with The Assassin’s Blade!

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