Show Sunday | First Impression: Wolf Pack

In my last Show Sunday I talked about the Teen Wolf movie and today I want to talk about a somewhat related new tv show. And that is Wolf Pack. As you might’ve guessed it’s also about werewolves, more specifically teenaged werewolves, but the shows are even more similar! So let’s jump in and see why that is. Continue reading “Show Sunday | First Impression: Wolf Pack”

Show Sunday | Teen Wolf the Movie

I’ve been a fan of Teen Wolf since it first aired on MTV and have watched it all rigorously. Since the show ended I have rewatched all seasons multiple times, especially season 3 as it is the very best season. Of course I was super hyped when the movie was announced! It’s incredibly disappointing that we won’t see Dylan O’Brien as Stiles but other than that I couldn’t wait. So after watching it last week, I obviously had to share my thoughts. Was it as good as I hoped it would be? Let’s take a look!
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