Tag | The Sims Book Tag

It’s Thursday so that means it’s time for another book tag! I was looking for a fun book tag to do while I was watching Sims 4 youtube video’s and that’s when I found the Sims Book Tag. Seems like a very appropriate tag for me to do since I’ve been playing a lot of Sims again haha. This tag was created by one of my favorite booktubers; Hailey in Bookland. I’m super excited so let’s jump right in! Continue reading “Tag | The Sims Book Tag”

Fangirl Friday | Sims 4 Challenges I Want To Do

A little while ago I got back into the Sims 4, in part due to the 100 Baby Challenge. This sounded like such a fun challenge, so I started it for myself right away. I also wrote a post about it, if anyone is interested. Apparently there are a ton of Sims youtubers and thanks to them I came across a lot more interesting challenges! So let’s take a look at the Sims 4 Challenges I plan on doing. Continue reading “Fangirl Friday | Sims 4 Challenges I Want To Do”

Fangirl Friday | Sims 4 100 – Baby Challenge

About two weeks ago I bought the Sims 4 and I have been obsessed ever since!! It had been quite awhile since last playing the Sims before now. But I was really feeling like getting back in to it and that’s exactly what I did. I have to admit I might be playing a little bit more than I should be doing but it’s just so much FUN! And I came across the 100 baby challenge so I started doing than yesterday. Let’s talk about that challenge a little bit more! Continue reading “Fangirl Friday | Sims 4 100 – Baby Challenge”