Mini Reviews | Ghosts of the Shadow Market #1-#3 – Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is back with some short stories in her Shadowhunter world. Starting in April 2018, a short story will be published every month. If I read correctly two more stories will be added when all the stories are bundled in one book and published in Ghosts of the Shadow Market. I debated on waiting for the whole book to be published, but I decided I wanted to be back in the world, even for a bit. Getting ready for the release of Queen of Air and Darkness got us reading. I’ll be reviewing the first three and in the next couple of days, Isabelle is reviewing the other stories that have already been published

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Blog Tour| Twelve Nights of Christmas: A Holiday Anthology

In between reading some spooky Halloween books, I read another Christmas book. Twelve Nights of Christmas: A Holiday Anthology is filled with twelve short stories by multiple authors. An anthology can be tricky, because some stories can be better then others.

I loved what this anthology was for though and enjoyed myself while reading the stories. Today you can see what I thought of all twelve stories!

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Review| The Art of Taking Chances

The Art of Taking Chances is a collection of short stories. All of these stories are young adult and contemporary (romance). I was introduced to this anthology through Kayla Tirrell. I have read and reviewed a few of her books this past year and loved them! When I heard she would also be writing a story, I needed to read it. The Art of Taking Chances is also a perfect summer read! Today I have a review of the whole book and for each short story!

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Review| Begin Again – Anthology Part 2

I received this book to review and while these short stories aren’t easy to read, I want to support the cause. Suicide and mental illness are still subjects that aren’t easily talked about and people are afraid of what people may think about them. These are some things that I have experienced in my family, so for me it’s even more important that people feel that they can talk to someone when they need to! This anthology has 21 short stories, so I will be posting a review of a few of them every week for the next few weeks! This is the second week I will be posting my review.

*WARNING* This book can have triggers for people. It discusses suicide and other mental illnesses and I can completely understand that this book won’t be for everyone!

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Review| Home for Christmas: A Collection of Sweet Christmas Shorts

Not too long ago I read Kayla Tirrell’s trilogy. I loved those and happened to notice she was offering the opportunity to read the book she wrote with Daphne James Huff and M.F. Lorson. This book has three short stories and is the perfect way to start off the holiday season.

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