Bookish Item| Trope-ical Readathon TBR

I love participating in readathons, but I don’t always finish them, haha. I’ve been looking for one to participate in this summer and that’s when I stumbled upon the Trope-ical Readathon on Jenny’s blog Jen Jen Reviews. All of the information can be found there and takes place during August. You can still register until August 8th, so I definitely suggest taking a look! Today I’m going to talk about my TBR!

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Bookish Item | Magical Readathon Wrap Up

As big Harry Potter fans, we were really excited to participate in this year’s Magical Readathon. You choose a career in this world and read books to earn your O.W.L.s. We both chose career paths and made a TBR (Part 1 & Part 2) at the beginning of April. We’re almost halfway through May and wanted to let you know how we did. What careers will we try to do N.E.W.T.s for later this year? Keep on reading to find out!

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Bookish Item| Seamaydenathon TBR

After participating in the Magical Readathon this month to earn my O.W.L.s. I realized how much I really enjoy doing readathons. Books I’ve had for awhile finally get put on my TBR and it’s just fun to participate in a big group reading adventure. Two friends of mine from Fangirl Pixie Blog and Sometimes Leelynn Reads created the Seamaydenathon. This runs the whole month of May. Click here for all of the information. You still have until the 28th to sign up, so what are you waiting for? Go take a look.

Today I’m going to talk about the prompts and the books I want to read this month!

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Bookish Item| Magical Readathon Update

Last month we posted our TBRs for the Magical Readathon (Part 1 & Part 2) this year. We both set up a TBR to get our O.W.L.s. We’re both terrible at completing readathons, so we thought that by posting something about our progress would maybe help us along. We’re at the halfway mark now, so let’s take a look at our Magical Readathon update. How are we doing so far?

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Bookish Item | TisTheSeasonAThon TBR

Even though we’ve been really bad at sticking to reading books for readathons, we want to give it another go this year. When we saw the announcement for TisTheSeasonAThon both of knew it was something we wanted to do. It starts this Sunday, so today it’s time for our TisTheSeasonAThon TBR!

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Bookish Item | Spook-a-thon TBR

Earlier this week, you read our Halloween swap wishlists. On top of the Halloween swap, our friend Kwante, is also hosting a readathon. This one starts on October 13th until October 20th. We couldn’t resist participating, so today we’re sharing our Spook-a-thon TBR! Let’s take a look.

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Bookish Item | The Book Junkie Trials

This is kind of a last minute decision, but after hearing about The Book Junkie Trials, we decided to participate. We have to declare our TBR by July 1st, so that’s pretty last minute, but oh well? Haha. Let’s take a look at what these trials are and our TBRs.

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Bookish Item | Read-a-thons

Today I want to talk about read-a-thons! There are a lot of fun ones being hosted this month and I keep on trying the participate. I just read about the Avengersreadathon19, which looks super cool. And of course there’s the O.W.L.’s read-a-thon I adore. While I would too participate in all the fun read-a-thons I come across, I simply don’t. Why not? Let’s talk about it! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Read-a-thons”

Bookish Item | Magical Readathon

As massive Harry Potter fans we obviously need to participate in a Magical Readathon! Isabelle already participated in the O.W.L.s readathon earlier this year and that was so much fun. G from Book Roast has been hosting these Harry Potter themed Magical Readathons and for this Holiday season we’re getting the Christmas at Hogwarts edition <3 We can’t wait to participate and today we want to show our possible TBR’s. Continue reading “Bookish Item | Magical Readathon”

Bookish Item | Spook-a-thon

Our friend Kwante from Kwante in Wonderland is hosting a Spook-a-thon readathon challenge next month to celebrate Halloween. Now we don’t really do Halloween in the Netherlands but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a bookish Halloween and possibly watch some themed movies <3 We’re both pretty bad at sticking to a TBR so we decided to do like a loose TBR. Kwante came up with a couple of challenges for the Spook-a-thon and we just want to show some of the books we might possibly read. We would love you all to help us pick our books for this readathon! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Spook-a-thon”