Bookish Item | If I Only Owned 30 Books….

I think by now everyone has seen the Marie Kondo meme regarding owning only 30 books. And I think we also all know that number was just a personal preference for her but you can imagine how the bookish community reacted to all of this 😉 I can see where she is coming from, Marie wants to make us more aware of our clutter and take a good look at all the stuff we own. ‘Does this spark joy?’ is her go to question to determine if something stays or goes, and I like that a lot! In the wake of this funny meme some booktubers made videos wherein they picked which books they would keep ‘if i only owned 30 books’. I thought this was a really funded and would love to attempt this today as well! Continue reading “Bookish Item | If I Only Owned 30 Books….”