Bookish Item | Manga To Read After I Finish Haikyu

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this but I’m getting close to finishing Haikyu. It’s my favorite manga series ever and while I would like to enjoy the story for a bit longer I just can’t contain myself. I have 8 more volumes to go so it won’t be long now. Of course I’m already looking for a new manga series to devour and I have a couple of contenders. Let’s take a look at them! Continue reading “Bookish Item | Manga To Read After I Finish Haikyu”

Show Sunday | Haikyu the Anime

Since I love the Haikyu manga so much I of course also wanted to watch the anime. I wanted to be a bit further into the manga before starting the anime as I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop watching. Since I’m almost half way through the manga now, I figured it would be a good time to start. And today I wanted to share my thoughts on the first couple of episodes. So let’s jump in! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Haikyu the Anime”

Mini Reviews | Haikyu! 1-3 – Haruichi Furudate

In my post about the bookstores I visited in Chicago and New York I talked about my newest manga obsession; Haikyu! So far I’ve read the first 3 volumes and I just have to talk about them haha. It’s a story about a high school volleyball team and it was recommended to me after I asked for something similar to Fence. Let’s see what I thought about the first 3 volumes!
Continue reading “Mini Reviews | Haikyu! 1-3 – Haruichi Furudate”