Show Sunday | Shows I Want to Rewatch

Inspired by a friend of mine I’m currently rewatching Gilmore Girls. This summer I rewachted Veronica Mars and I absolutely loved it. But like with books, I don’t rewatch shows that often. And maybe I should. It’s something I highly enjoy and isn’t that all that matters? I think I’m even worse with tv show than with rereading books if I’m being honest. While looking at some favorite shows, I still have a hard time picking some I would actually go and rewatch. And it’s not because I don’t love them with all my heart and soul! So let’s take a look at some of the shows I would love to possibly rewatch. Continue reading “Show Sunday | Shows I Want to Rewatch”

Show Sunday| First Shows I Bingewatched

Today we have something new on The Book Dutchesses. Both of us are a big fan of TV shows, so we wanted something more about that. Twice a month we will be doing Show Sunday. There are so many shows we both watch, so the topics are endless, haha.

I am going to start this new post off with shows I first bingewatched. What shows got me going to be the big fan I am now? Let’s take a look!

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Tag | Gilmore Girls Booktag

There are so many great tags out in the bookblogging world that it was pretty hard to decide which one I wanted to do today! I looked at a couple of tags over at some friends blogs and found the Gilmore Girls Booktag again, I did this one last year over on my Dutch blog but I really wanted to do it again for you guys! As I said then, Gilmore Girls is one of my three all time favorite tv shows and my love for it will never ever die.  Continue reading “Tag | Gilmore Girls Booktag”