Unboxing | September Fairyloot

It’s been awhile since I did my last unboxing and this will be my last Fairyloot unboxing for the time being. After getting Fairyloot every month for the last year and a half I started to notice that I don’t enjoy it as much any more. The unboxing used to be a real highlight for me but lately I just unbox and forget about it right after. To be honest, I’m not that interested in the books either, a lot of them are still unread on my shelves. So I decided to cancel my subscription and only buy special boxes for books I’m really excited about. Long story short, today I have the unboxing for the September Fairyloot for you all. Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Unboxing | September Fairyloot”

Unboxing | Fairyloot July

Last week I got my July Fairyloot and today I’m showing you all what was inside! Lately I’ve realized that I’m not as excited about these sub boxes as I used to be anymore. The boxes might be of lower quality but it might also just be that I’ve gotten used to it. I hope this little intro made sense haha, but what I was getting at was that I’m currently debating to stop my subscription and maybe only order boxes I’m super excited about it. Okay, let’s get into the box of today! Continue reading “Unboxing | Fairyloot July”

Unboxing | Fairyloot May

Last week my Fairyloot for the month May came and today I want to show you all what was inside this months’s box! Since April’s box was delayed, this month’s box felt like it came so soon. I wasn’t expeting the email with the trackinginfo yet but was extremely happy when I got it. Every month it feels like a present to myself and I can’t resist opening the box right away. I was a bit disappointed with last month’s box so I was really hoping for one more to my liking. Lets see what we got this in the May Fairyloot. Continue reading “Unboxing | Fairyloot May”

Unboxing | Fairyloot April

After some shipping problems with 1 item, Fairyloot was finally able to send out the April boxes last week. Mine arrived just before the weekend and naturally I had to open it right away! It actually arrived the next day after I got the shipping email so that was insanely fast. Are you curious as to what was inside? Keep on reading for my April Fairyloot unboxing! Continue reading “Unboxing | Fairyloot April”