Unboxing| Illumicrate: The Strength Within

As you know if you’ve been following the blog, I do like getting a book box every once in awhile. They don’t always have ones I like, but the January Illumicrate was one that I knew I needed. The theme was The Strength Within and there were two books inside! Let’s take a look what this box had inside!

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Unboxing | Faecrate Bloodwitch Hangover Kit

It was a bit of a wait but Friday I finally got my Faecrate Bloodwitch Hangover Kit! And I couldn’t be more excited! I really love the Witchlands series but I hardly got any march for it. So when I saw that Faecrate was doing this box I knew I had to get it. I got the book + box option and now that I’ve got the book I hope to be reading it very soon. But for now, let’s take a look at what was inside the box! Continue reading “Unboxing | Faecrate Bloodwitch Hangover Kit”

Bookish Item | All Of My Unread Subscription Box Books

As you all may know, I love bookish subscription boxes and I have ordered many. So obviously I have gotten a lot of books in those boxes. But have I read many books from subscription boxes? Unfortunately the answer is no haha. I don’t think I have read even half of the books I gotten in boxes. So today I will show you all the shameful pile of all my unread subscription box books. Continue reading “Bookish Item | All Of My Unread Subscription Box Books”

Unboxing | Fairyloot May

Last week my Fairyloot for the month May came and today I want to show you all what was inside this months’s box! Since April’s box was delayed, this month’s box felt like it came so soon. I wasn’t expeting the email with the trackinginfo yet but was extremely happy when I got it. Every month it feels like a present to myself and I can’t resist opening the box right away. I was a bit disappointed with last month’s box so I was really hoping for one more to my liking. Lets see what we got this in the May Fairyloot. Continue reading “Unboxing | Fairyloot May”