Event Impression| YALFU Featuring V.E. Schwab

As a reader, it’s always amazing when you can meet the person behind the books that you’ve come to love. Being in the Netherlands we don’t always get a lot of authors here. Sometimes we’re lucky, like we were last Sunday! Publishing companies organized YALFU and V.E. Schwab was one of the visitiors! Today we want to talk about this event!

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Event Impression| Meeting Marissa Meyer

Last Tuesday Marissa Meyer visited the Netherlands! We bought tickets back in November I think, so I (Isabelle) am ashamed to admit I kinda forgot about this haha. But you can possibly imagine how happy I was when I realised this event took place AND we already got tickets haha. The event was sold out so I’m happy we got our tickets on time.

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Event Impression| Meeting Jennifer L Armentrout

We had a busy day yesterday. It started out in Tilburg to go to Paper Passion (how that was will be posted next week, so keep an eye out). Then we headed to Utrecht to meet Jennifer L Armentrout! This event was arranged by the Dutch publisher Zomer & Keuning and we are very thankful they did. We were a bit late, because the trains decided to have issues and it took us a lot longer to get where we needed to be. Luckily we finally made it and it was amazing!

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