Bookish Item | 3 Years of Blogging: Favorite Blog Posts

Yesterday we talked about our favorite reviews we wrote in the last three years. But of course we haven’t just been writing reviews. So today we wanted to highlight some of our other favorite blog posts. We wrote more than a thousand posts apart from the reviews. There’s also only been one day in three years that no post was published! Can you believe that?! Let’s take a look at some of our favorites. Continue reading “Bookish Item | 3 Years of Blogging: Favorite Blog Posts”

Bookish Item | 3 Years of Blogging: Favorite Reviews

In the three years we have been blogging we wrote over 450 reviews! Can you believe that? So we thought it would be fun and look back at some of our favourite reviews we wrote. It was hard just picking a couple from so many but we did manage! So let’s take a look at those reviews. Continue reading “Bookish Item | 3 Years of Blogging: Favorite Reviews”

Giveaway| Celebrating Our Blog Birthday Winner

Last week we celebrated our second blog birthday and posted a giveaway. All the responses we got were really sweet and if only we could make everyone a winner! We’re a little later than planned announcing the winner (sorry about that), but it’s finally time to let someone know they won! If you want to know the celebrating our blog birthday winner, keep on reading!

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Tag | The Birthday Book Tag

Since it was our blog birthday this week, it seemed like a good idea to do a Birthday Book Tag! And I found one over at Kirsty’s blog that looked like a lot of fun. We love celebrating our blog bday with you all, have you checked out our giveaway yet? It seemed fitting to do this tag together, so here we go! Continue reading “Tag | The Birthday Book Tag”

Giveaway| Happy Blog B-Day to Us – Winner

If you’ve been following us, you know the end of September was our blog birthday! We decided to celebrate with a giveaway. Today we are going to announce the Happy Blog B-day to Us winner and tell you what quote was hidden in our posts.

To find out if you won, keep on reading!

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Giveaway| Happy Blog B-day To Us – Answer Time

Last week was our Blog Birthday and we posted about our giveaway. Today is answer time! If you followed the instructions, you’ve found ten words (one word in every post last week) that make a quote. So if you want to enter the giveaway, keep reading on how to do that!

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Giveaway | Happy Blog Bday To Us!

Can you believe it’s been a year since we started our blog? Because we sure can’t! We absolutely love our little spot on the world wide web. To celebrate this occasion we wanted to do something for the readers who have followed us along the way or even new ones that just discovered us!

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