Review | The Archies and Other Stories – Matthew Rosenberg

One of the books Candyce gifted me for my birthday was the bind-up comic The Archies and Other Stories. I had seen this one at Barnes & Nobles about a year ago or so and was immediately intrigued. The cover art and colors grabbed my attention and I’m a fan of all things Riverdale so I had to have this one. I’m so grateful Candyce decided to gift me this one! And obviously I had to read it right away haha. So let’s get into my thoughts. Continue reading “Review | The Archies and Other Stories – Matthew Rosenberg”

Mini reviews | Archie comics edition

In honour of Riverdale returning for its second season I wanted to share my thoughts on the comics from the Archie-verse I’ve read so far. I started these comics after I watch the first couple of episodes of Riverdale. I just couldn’t get enough of this world and wanted more! That’s when I found the new Archie comics. There will be 5 different comics I believe. Obviously there’s Archie, but we also get Jughead, Betty&Veronica, Reggie&Me, and Josie and The Pussycats. Lets take a look at the comics I’ve read. Continue reading “Mini reviews | Archie comics edition”