Wrap Up| April 2024

The first third of 2024 is over and it’s unbelievable! We keep saying it, but this year really is flying by. Yesterday was our April bookhaul and we shared the books we added to our collections. Today it’s time for our April wrap up! What did we read? Did we find any favorites? Keep on reading to find out!

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Wishlist Wednesday | Most Anticipated April 2024 Releases

This is the first week of April, so it’s time for us to take a look at our most anticipated releases. The last couple of months haven’t been too bad when it comes to books we’re excited about. What about April? Keep on reading to see what most anticipated April releases we’re looking forward to.

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Bookish Item| April TBR

So it’s that time of month where I decide to look at the books I want to read next month. I know this is something I tend to say every month, but how is it already April?!? So before talking about my TBR, I will say that I probably won’t read all of these, but I love talking about the books I’m excited about reading.

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